Top 8 | Netflix Alternatives for iPad

Netflix is definitely the Daddy these days when it comes to streaming movies and TV, whether on your tablet or PC or directly to your TV. It seems that one thing that has become very popular these days is streaming the content to your device and then beaming it via a tool like ChromeCast to your bigger screen, which means that even if you don’t have cables or an Xbox with a Netflix account, you can still watch stuff on your big screen easily. With this in mind, we recently took to the app store to figure out what possible alternatives there could be to Netflix out there for US users. We all know about the advantages that the likes of Hulu Plus tend to offer, but nothing seems to touch Netflix when it comes to variety and choice. There are also some great new original programmes being created by the production company, such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, so what’s note to like? We take a look at some of Netflix’s closest rivals for the iPad below!

8. Blockbuster On Demand (Free)


Blockbuster seems to be something of an unfashionable word these days, given the fact that they shut down so many stores and are basically the face of when you used to go to the video store each weekend and then not return stuff. These days, we get all our stuff instantly through streaming, and in many ways it was Netflix that brought on the demise of stores like Blockbuster. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September of 2015, and clearly don’t have the physical presence they once had. They are still alive however, through rent by mail and a nice on demand service that works across a range of different platforms from mobile and tablet to PC, TV and TiVo. – Download from iTunes

7. VUDU Player (Free)


VUDU offers thousands of TV shows and movies, including lots of HD movies, which are available to stream instantly on your iPad. There is also the option to have 1080p True Digital video, which is obviously recommended only for bigger screens and of course bigger connections. In fact, we wouldn’t recommend using any of these apps on a data based connection, since you will quickly rack up fees and end up spending way more than the cost of an average digital rental. The best thing to do is to connect to a local WiFi service, and then read the best connection level on the site itself to find out what the minimum bandwidth required is. VUDU offers movies to rent for $2 for two nights, though most are $4.99 for HD rental and $5.99 for HDX rental. There are no monthly subscription fees as with so many similar services, and no late fees! – Download from iTunes

6. Crackle (Free)


One of the criticisms I often see leveled at the likes of Netflix is to do with price. While I like that there is a healthy competition and you therefore will see monthly fees go down in price due to competition between streaming services, it seems that they have generally settled on a price and are all keeping their price the same. This can be infuriating for users, but there are some free alternatives such as Crackle that has no monthly fees and provides only free content. This is offest however in the fact tha there are ads involved, and the fact that the selection on Crackle obviously pales in comparison to what you can currently find on Netflix. You will also find with this kind of service that shows appear and dissappear depending on availability, but that’s what you get when it’s free! – Download from iTunes

5. HBO GO (Free)


One thing that channels like HBO have going for them is selection, because HBO is perhaps the single greatest production house when it comes to producing excellent shows in the US. If you consider the likes of Six Feet Under, the Sopranos and recently Girls and Game of Thrones, nobody can really touch HBO when it comes to content. Their official app is nice enough if you are a HBO subscriber, and gives you access to over 1,400 HBO shows including original programming like Boardwalk Empire, etc. – Download from iTunes


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