Top 8 | Native watchOS 2 Apps for Apple Watch

Apple’s watchOS 2 was launched a year back (now there’s watchOS 3), which promises an exciting future for the company’s new wearable device, allowing developers more freedom than ever before and most importantly of all removing the connection with the iPhone that makes some Apple Watch apps so difficult to manage. These native apps will be able to run on the Watch without the need for a constant connection with your iPhone, so you will be able to check things like messages and your favorite social media feeds without pulling your phone out of your bag or whatever – much more useful, as I’m sure you’ll agree. While we expect to see a lot more from apps as they update for watchOS 2 over the coming months, there are already a handful of apps that have been updated and work well with watchOS 2. We run through just a few of these right here, hopefully in a way that will showcase the versatility of the Apple Watch and creativity of developers to find solutions and better take advantage of this new technology.

4. PCalc ($9.99)


PCalc is perhaps our favorite multi feature calculator app currently available for the iOS platform, so we’re delighted that this one is also among the first in line when it comes to fully embracing the watchOS 2 update. The developers now offer faster loading times and of course a native app that doesn’t require the iPhone in order to function. One of the ways we at Top8 often use PCalc is when calculating tips in restaurants, and this function is one of the more prevalent on the Apple Watch version: you can use the Digital Crown and rotate it for setting inputs, showing the totals when you split a bill between friends, for example. The app also supports Handoff, meaning you can move info between devices and platforms; also, there is a voice dictation option if you prefer it that way! – Download from iTunes

3. Lose It! (Free)


Lose It! was among the first fitness apps to grace the Apple Watch, and remains an excellent way to get in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle by tracking the food you eat and your daily activity. And now that you can do all of this from the convenience of your wrist, the whole process seems a lot less painful. While Lose It! has been updated for watchOS 2, the changes are minimal: chiefly, it will show you if you’re under or over budget for the day. That is, if you still need to do some work in order to hit your goals: if you need to burn some more calories in order to stay under budget. The fact that you can now check on this info at a glance is very useful indeed. – Download from iTunes

2. Dark Sky ($3.99)

Dark Sky

Dark Sky remains one of the most popular third party weather apps out there right now, and is certainly an app that suits the at a glance nature of the Apple Watch. For those who haven’t yet used Dark Sky (grab it now – trust us!) this is a weather app unlike most in that it focuses solely on inclement or bad weather, ensuring that you are always aware should there be even the slightest chance of rain, sleet or snow in your area. This information can of course be gleaned with a single glance, which is part of what makes apps like Dark Sky so very useful. This is one of the first apps to support the new watch face complications that has been made possible with the new watchOS 2 update. The weather info you now receive on your wrist is customizable, and you can even use Time Travel and move the Digital Crown in order to see the weather details for the day ahead. – Download from iTunes

1. Streaks ($3.99)


As you may have noticed by now, many of the more popular Apple Watch apps that are looking to take advantage of watchOS 2 are those related to goals and health in particular. Streaks is another one of those, allowing you to track your progress relative to six different tasks at a time. The format it presents is like a game, inviting the user to check off these tasks in succession and subsequently build up a streak. The watchOS 2 changes here are minimal, but the ability to check on the progress of your goals will be an indispensible function for many users. – Download from iTunes


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