Top 8 | Native watchOS 2 Apps for Apple Watch

Apple’s watchOS 2 was launched a year back (now there’s watchOS 3), which promises an exciting future for the company’s new wearable device, allowing developers more freedom than ever before and most importantly of all removing the connection with the iPhone that makes some Apple Watch apps so difficult to manage. These native apps will be able to run on the Watch without the need for a constant connection with your iPhone, so you will be able to check things like messages and your favorite social media feeds without pulling your phone out of your bag or whatever – much more useful, as I’m sure you’ll agree. While we expect to see a lot more from apps as they update for watchOS 2 over the coming months, there are already a handful of apps that have been updated and work well with watchOS 2. We run through just a few of these right here, hopefully in a way that will showcase the versatility of the Apple Watch and creativity of developers to find solutions and better take advantage of this new technology.

8. App in the Air (Free)


App in the Air is quickly becoming one of the more popular third party travel apps out there right now, thanks largely to its simple displaying of flight info that is always updated. There are many flight info apps out there, but these are largely funded by the airlines themselves and as such you need to download the correct app. App in the Air is grat no matter what airline you’re using, and with this recent watchOS 2 update will update you on the process of your journey, and even give you info on famous landmarks you’re currently flying over at that moment in time. – Download from iTunes

7. Twisty Color ($0.99)


So, we should be honest here and state that Twisty Color is really a game rather than an app, therefore should perhaps belong on a different list. It is however one of the first games to take advantage of this latest watchOS 2 update. Twisty Color does this through the Digital Crown, which is the primary input mode when it comes to playing the game. You turn the crown to spin the in game color wheel and while the gameplay is simple and won’t pass the time for long, it’s still fun and shows how developers are thinking outside the box to utilize the best features of the Apple Wach. – Download from iTunes

6. iTranslate (Free)

Voice recognition has really been expanded upon with watchOS 2, and one of the apps first in line to take advantage of this is iTranslate. With this app you can now translate words, phrases and text into around 100 different language directly from your wrist. You can also play back translations through the speaker on your Apple Watch, which makes a huge difference in that it completely removes the iPhone from the equation – you can leave it in your pocket! iTranslate also works with complications in order to give you different options that no other translation app has offered; you can start a translation directly from your watch face without the need for your iPhone, and it will even suggest a language based on your current location thanks to the device’s locational awareness. – Download from iTunes

5. Lifesum (Free)


Lifesum is a health and fitness tracking app and among the first to fully embrace the Apple Watch. This is basically a weight loss app, but is an excellent way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, too. It will give you targets for the day and you can then check on these at a glance by looking at your watch face. The watchOS 2 update allows you to spin the Digital Crown and check on the upcoming day, and will also provide you with useful notifications should you need to eat or exercise in order to reach your goals.  – Download from iTunes


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