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Perhaps you’ve finally made the upgrade to an iPhone 6 and are looking at the potential apps you can purchase and download for your new device; perhaps you’ve made the move from Android and are looking at things from a fresh perspective, though with all your favorite apps in mind. As an iPhone user for some time now, I often find myself going back to the drawing board and resetting the device to factory settings and then trying new apps to find out the best possible note taking app or alarm clock app or calculator app or whatever. With this Top 8 list, we look to go back to the drawing board ourselves and come up with a list featuring the most essential apps you can own on your iPhone. Almost like a Desert Island situation where you have to pick those apps that you rely on the most or couldn’t do without. As such, the whole thing is very subjective and I’m sure there’ll be those that disagree – why not suggest your own picks in the comments section below?

8. Feedly (Free)

There was a time when my RSS news reader of choice was made by Google, but that time has long since passed! These days, the news reader I can’t do without is Feedly – and that is certainly the case for many iPhone users as the dedicated audience behind this app continues to grow and grow. With Feedly you can easily import your Google RSS feeds over with no hassle so the jump from one to another is not so much a leap of faith as it is a gentle transition. You can then easily share content on such social media platforms as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and more. In fact, perhaps the best thing about Feedly is its adaptability: it integrates with other productivity apps very well indeed, including the likes of Evernote and Pocket. – Download from iTunes

7. Workflow (Free)

Workflow is one of the newer apps on the list but represents what is something of a revolution in terms of productivity and getting things done. It has, alongside the apps released by IFTTT, raised the bar for iOS automation and as such becomes one of the must have apps for your iPhone. Basically, the app allows you to set up specific series of events and then condenses this chain of actions to a single button that can be tapped just once to set things in motion. If you wish to automatically upload a snapped photo to both Facebook and Instagram, this app allows you to do it all automatically and will shave minutes off the total time you spend doing things. – Download from iTunes

6. Dropbox (Free)


As online file systems go, Dropbox is up there with the very best. The best thing about it is by far its cross platform capabilities, meaning that you can store all of your important files on Dropbox and then access them with ease over the web or on a desktop computer and just about any other device, for that matter. Another great thing about the app is the fact that you can easily share the location of your files with friends and coworkers, so it’s simply a case of uploading the file and sending the link, rather than messing around with email attachments and all that stuff. It’s also great for organizing stuff, since you can work out a proper file system to store your PDF files, Docs, images and everything else in different folders that can be easily accessed at the drop of a hat.  – Download from iTunes

5. Mint (Free)

Mint is by far the best finance management and budgeting app out there for the iPhone at present, though has become as big as it currently is by excelling on other platforms. Cross platform capabilities set Mint apart and make it easier than every before to manage your money. You can track your purchases and send money with a few taps of the iPhone app, then break things down on your iPad or Mac at a later time. And if you’re on a work computer, just sign in on the website to access all of your data which is constantly synced and updated. – Download from iTunes


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