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Music and rhythm games have come a long way since their apparent arrival in the west and success on consoles like the PlayStation. These days, Guitar Hero rules the roost and has a fantastic marketing strategy of providing new content and songs to avid players for a small price each time, racking up a huge amount of profit. I don’t think there is a music game for mobile devices, at least not yet, that has reached this kind of huge success and mass audience, but you never know what is around the corner. Music games can come in various shapes and sizes, from those that offer trivia questions to those that invite users to test their natural rhythm in a fast paced game like environment. For the value of this list and not to confuse it with stuff we’ve featured before, I’ll be steering clear of the music instrument apps like Magic Piano and the like. So check out our favorite music games for the iPad, and then let us know your favorites in the comments section below!

8. SongPop (Free)

SongPop is perhaps the most popular music trivia game out there for mobile devices, and I think would make most trivia game lists as well! It’s basically a mobile version of Name That Tune, for those familiar with the game. You are given a song and then must identify it from the name of the artists, and let me tell you – you can get really good at recognizing tracks from just handful of chords. The thing I’ve always find something of a drawback with this kind of game is that they mainly deail with pop music, as the name suggests, and there can never be enough songs for your to avoid coming across the same one twice in the space of a few games. Fortunately, you can buy new song packs within SongPop but that will cost you. – Download from iTunes

7. Pinball Rocks HD (Free)


Pinball Rocks HD is a nice free music game for the iPad and iPhone that combines the power of rock music with the color of a pinball arcade machine. It’s a huge amount of fun to play, and an absolute must for fans of the music that the game features. There are a bunch of artists on board with themed tables that are a real thrill for fans, including such bands as AC/DC, Alice in Chains and Slayer. – Download from iTunes

6. Beat Sneak Bandit ($2.99)

Now for something slightly different, which puts a little more emphasis on the idea of the game than on the music. Beat Sneak Bandit is basically a platform puzzle game where you must work your way around the different levels avoiding the apparently oblivous police officers. Though, you do so as stealthily as you can and by keeping to the beat of a specific rhthym. If there is a genre of game out there that could be considered a stealth rhythm puzzler, then this one wins that competition hands down! – Download from iTunes

5. BIT.TRIP BEAT HD ($0.99)

BIT.TRIP BEAT HD is another original musical rhythm game and was develped by Bandai Namco, so you just know it’s going to be good. It basically takes the idea of an arcade game like Pong and then applies a rhythm to it, creating an entirely new fusion of mobile game genres that will keep you addicted and hitting play again for qutie some time! – Download from iTunes


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