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In an age when there are movies being released that have been shot entirely on an iPhone, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised to find that the iPhone and iPad have made their way into music making, too. Well, I guess the iPhone, being the cousin of the iPod, was always going to have some kind of vested interest in music, if not music creation – this is why Beats Headphones are among the most sought after products in Apple Stores these days. But what about actually coming up with music professionally, using your iPhone or iPad as a platform for this musical creation? We could simply look at portable speakers and headphones when it comes to discussing a topic as general as “music accessories”, but there’s a whole lot more out there that the amateur or even professional musician might be interested in. We recently tested a few of these products and drew our own conclusions, though they are admittedly conclusions drawn as iPhone fans with virtually no musical bone in our bodies! Check out our picks below:

8. iRig Blueboard ($95.05)

iRig Blueboard

If you are looking at accessories for the iPhone that are made for a proper musician, then I should start by pointing you in the direction of the iRig range of products. The BlueBoard is an excellent place to start if you are serious about this kind of thing: it is basically a wireless MIDI pedalboard that is designed to make any musicians life easier. You set it up to turn effect pedals on or off, and can even change the presets inside any of the Core MIDI compatible apps currently out there on the market. And the best thing about it? Bluetooth, of course! Everything works via Bluetooth, meaning that you won’t have a mess of wires between devices and don’t have to use any of the USB ports on your iOS device that in this case might be used for instrouments. – Buy from Amazon

7. ION Piano Apprentice ($55.99)

ION Piano Apprentice

Now, the ION Audio Piano Apprentice really is my kind of musical accessory! I mean, just look at it! It’s basically just a mini keyboard that allows you to attach your iPad or iPhone to it, and then use the official app for guidance. It’s particularly great, as the name no doubt suggests, when it comes to learning the piano from some kind of beginner level. The app will show a handy video of fingers playing the keys that you need to play, and then each physical key will light up to show you which to play next. I’ve always been a great believer of the “learn by doing” approach, or that the best way to really grasp something is simply to do it, rather than to read about doing it. This is the same when it comes to playing a sport and learning a new language, and I’d suggest also when it comes to playing the piano. There are apps out there that teach you how to play, and the larger screen of the iPad even means that you can use your fingers as you would on a real piano, but nothing really compares to the real thing. – Buy from Amazon

6. Apogee MiC ($229.00)

Apogee MiC

So, I suppose we should also cover some of the wireless microphones that are currently available for iOS devices. The first of these that we looked at is this one from Apogee, which are another great supplier of audio accessories for iPads and iPhones. This one professes studio quality no matter where you are, meaning that you can record vocals or acoustics with ease. – Buy from Amazon

5. iRig Mic ($89.99)

iRig Mic

A more affordable and indeed probably a better option is the iRig Mic, which was developed by IK Multimedia and works with iPhones, iPads and Macs. This is actually the HD follow up to their previous iRic Mic, and this one comes as part of a bundle that includes an iRig Recorder, VocaLive and AmpliTube. I’m not quite sure what those are, but I’m sure they’re useful when it comes to recording your tunes! – Buy from Amazon


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