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As with the release of any new Apple device, there will be wide and ranging criticism from all quarters regardless of the quality of the final product. The trick is to sift through this criticism in order to find the constructive stuff, and one of the more valid pieces of negative feedback from some relates to how useful the Apple Watch actually is. With some users becoming confused as to what they can do with their new wearable device, and treating it more like a fashion accessory (which it is, in a sense) rather than a functioning extension of your iPhone. As such, we’d like to put forward a list featuring the most useful apps for the Apple Watch – those that we have found to be absolutely essential when it comes to taking advantage of your Watch and making your day a lot easier in general. Of course, many of the apps on the list will belong to the productivity or utility variety: those with a single function that are there to help you, rather than the kind of feature rich apps you might be used to using on your iPhone. Check out our picks below, then suggest your own in the comments section!

8. Power ($1.99)


One of the most useful apps we recently discovered for the apps is also one of the most simple: Power tells you, at a glance, what the battery life of your iPhone currently is. It’s the kind of feature you wonder why Apple didn’t include in the first place, since it’s something that most will want to take advantage of  – again, it’s a simple idea but a useful one, as are many of the improvements to the recently released Watch OS 2. Hopefully, we’ll only see more ideas of this nature as developers are given native Watch apps to delve into. Of course, for most people, having an Apple Watch means that you can keep your iPhone firmly buried in your pocket or at the depths of your bag. It’s therefore great to be able to check on your battery status without going through the process of finding and unlocking your phone. – Download from iTunes

7. PCalc ($9.99)

There are quite a few calculator apps out there for the iPhone that have since been updated to allow you to make calculations from your wrist. I guess there isn’t much between these apps, but if we had to pick one option then PCalc is perhaps your best bet. So if you’re the kind of person who likes to manage and update their accounts on the go, or who often needs to make calculations while working, this app could be a useful addition to your collection. The $10 price tag at the time of writing may turn some users away, however – do you think it’s worth it? – Download from iTunes

6. Knock ($4.99)


Another of the more useful apps we came across for the Apple Watch is really a must have for Watch/Mac owners, since it allows you to easily unlock your Mac with a tap of the wrist. For anyone who works on a desk but is up and down all day, we won’t have to tell you how time consuming it can be to enter log in details each time you sit down. Knock costs around $5 at the time of writing, but its simple ability to unlock your Mac through your Watch makes it an essential purchase. – Download from iTunes

5. Microsoft Translator (Free)


Given how easy it is to access the Apple Watch, I did wonder when the device was first announced how long it might be before we had a proper real time translating app. Surprisingly, it’s not Apple that have made the move but Microsoft, with their recently released translator app. Clearly, those behind their mobile apps have seen an opportunity and have rushed to take advantage of it. This app allows you to speak into the microphone on your Watch and get a translation in over 50 different languages, then parrotting these phrases back at you – this can be particularly useful if you’re in a foreign country and finding it difficult to get your point across. Simply allow the app the speak for you, and successfully hurdle the language barrier. Microsoft actually has a few useful Watch apps out there, including their Powerpoint update that allows you to control your slides with a tap of the wrist – very useful for presentations, perhaps for work or university. – Download from iTunes


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