Top 8 | Most Original Games for Android

Disclaimer: I realize that an article like this is going to provoke (probably quite angry) discussion, but that’s part of the fun involved, no? Labeling games as anything these days seems to get people worked up, especially when you are labeling them as the best or the most impressive examples of just about anything. And the term used here, “original”, is one of those that comes with a lot of subjectivity. What do you consider to be original? Should this originality be placed within the context of the current state of mobile gaming, or should we go back and as such eliminate any so called original games that draw on something from the past? Of course, the latter would be nonsense, since most games are the product of some idea that has been planted by a previous game. I appreciate that many of the games listed here are not original in the strictest sense, but these days I will happily throw my support behind anything that takes a slightly different approach to the pack or stands out there with a new idea and does so proudly. Check out our favorite original Android games here, and feel free to suggest your own in the comments section below!

8. Only One (Free)

Like any red blooded gamer, I’m a huge fan of the old hack and slash games such as Dynasty Warriors on the PlayStation or even – going further back – Double Dragon on the first Nintendo. Mashing buttons in the hopes of freeing yourself from an imposing hoard of enemies is a thrilling prospect, but you don’t see that done much (or very well) in today’s influx of mobile games. Only One is obviously influenced by these earlier hack and slash games, though takes things in a slightly different direction. You basically play a small sprite on top of a stone platform and must fight for your survival while knocking all your enemies into the depths below. It sounds simple and brainless, but there’s a lot behind this one. – Download from Google Play

7. Two Dots (Free)

I still maintain that Dots is one of the more original ideas that we’ve seen come out of the current trend of casual gaming and puzzle games in particular, and Two Dots (the originally named sequel) only offers more of the same. Again, there’s a lot to say about narrative here, since you control two dots that traverse the world, which sounds deep but the gameplay is very simple and of course fantastically addictive. – Download from Google Play

6. LIMBO ($4.99)

LIMBO is at its heart almost a platformer, where you slowly trudge from one side of the screen to the other avoiding the pitfalls and feeling your way towards some unseen and seemingly never materializing goal. While the likes of Braid base their inspiration in the world of platformers however, LIMBO goes in another direction entirely. For what is a relatively simple game, it’s one of the most chilling gaming experiences I’ve had in some time: proof that you don’t need the big budget visuals of something like the Resident Evil or Silent Hill franchise to make an atmospheric survival game. Fun on Android, but much better when played on the big screen with the lights out! – Download from Google Play

5. Thomas Was Alone (Free)

Most of our readers will know by now that I’ve a soft spot for minimalist design, and this applies to everything from the interface of a finance app to the idea and visuals in a game like Thomas Was Alone. As many of the game’s most fervent admirers have point out, this is living proof that you don’t need millions of dollars to create an immersive gaming experience that is both charming and engaginng. In many ways Thomas Was Alone deconstructs what we’ve come to regard as norms when it comes to game narratives and such.  – Download from Google Play


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