Top 8 | Money Saving Apps for Apple Watch

There are a few things we haven’t quite seen come to fruition with the Apple Watch, but there are also a few other things that have spring up as a result of its released. One of these is the surge in finance apps that allow the average user to manage their finances from their wrist. The likes of Mint have been around for some time, and – thanks to their cross platform nature – really allow for an effective monitoring of your finance. But this monitoring was never truly “at a glance” until now: getting notification transactions on your wrist and sending money with a tap of the watch face is massively more convenient, but these finance apps are also an excellent way for you to save money, too. Yes, there has been an influx of money saving apps for the Apple Watch that are developed around this at a glance idea of managing finances, giving you immediate and updated feedback so as to help you stay under budget. Here, we pick out a few favorites among these apps and hopefully discover a few new ones in the process!

8. Sumptus ($3.99)


Sumptus has fast become one of the more impressive daily expense trackers on the iPhone, and is also among the first to see Apple Watch integration. While the iPhone app gives you a detailed breakdown of what has been spent and what you have left to spend, the Apple Watch extension simplifies this to bring only the most important details to your wrist that can be updated at a tap. – Download from iTunes

7. Gas Guru (Free)

Gas Guru

There are a few iPhone apps out there that look to point you towards cheaper gas prices in your area, but only one of which has been integrated for use on the Apple Watch. The Gas Guru app is a fairly simple option but delivers this information directly to yoru wrist, and that’s what counts, right? Simply teach the app your grade of gas and enter your address, then allow it to go off and come back with figures and of course directions to the nearest gas station that will save you money. The GasBuddy app is one of those that has become something of a cult favorite among the frugal, but Gas Guru might just get ahead of the game somewhat by allowing users this convenience from their wrist. – Download from iTunes

6. Daily Bread ($1.99)


The Daily Bread app is one of those money saving apps that looks to hone in on a specific kind of daily expense: that being the trips you take to the grocery store. The app seems to work around the general premise that we spend way too much when shopping for groceries, simply because we aren’t aware what we can spend, nor what we need when we step into the supermarket. In fact, many supermarkets will regularly rotate the items on display so that you need to search for what you’re looking for and will only pick up more stuff in the process. With the Daily Bread app, you can create smart shopping lists to avoid impulse purchases. The app will also learn what you need to buy given your recent grocery history. Add items to the list by dictating them to Siri, and then stick to these items so as to save money. – Download from iTunes

5. Splitwise (Free)

Splitwise can be a very useful app for those living together who have to share bills. I love the simple interface here; the use of the color teal, and the basic layout showing how much you owe as a household and how much you owe each other. With this recent update for the Apple Watch, all of this info is available at a glance and you can even tell the app when you have paid someone so that the app can keep track. Simply use Siri to inform the app of the latest movements and keep things up to date. – Download from iTunes


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