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Now, we all know at this point how big Google’s Material Design has become among Android developers, but how do these apps stack up on the iPhone? There are one or two apps that practice this approach to interface design for the Android app but the iPhone app looks entirely different- just why is that, exactly? And which of Google’s own apps are worth considering as the best examples of Material Design? We hope to answer most if not all of these questions in this countdown of the best Material Design apps for the iPhone, including but not limited to Google apps such as Chromecast and Calendar, but also featuring plenty of other unrelated apps who have taken the principles of MD on board. Of course, we’re not experts when it comes to interface design, so these apps represent what we believe to be the best overall examples of apps that use Material Design, rather than ranking them based on their merits in this specific area. And it’s all subjective of course, so why not check out our picks below and then suggest some of your own in the comments section?

8. Chromecast (Free)


To kick things off with a Google app, I think that one of the best examples of Material Design on the iPhone is the Chromecast app. The Chromecast devices allow you to stream media directly to your TV from your phone, tablet or laptop so it’s not as if a terribly efficient or visually striking app is needed here but the Chromecast app ticks both of these boxes. It’s great how Google has managed to maintain this visual consistency between apps that are so different. – Download from iTunes

7. BuzzFeed (Free)


So, this is where we at Top 8 admit to being hooked on BuzzFeed for all its latest must read content. The site has something of a reputation for being anti journalism, or at least bringing down the overall tone of journalism on the web but I’d hasten to disagree. These day BuzzFeed has its finger on the pulse of popular cultre like few other sites of its kind on the web, with serious content that is well worth keeping up to date with. Now they also have a serious looking app, and one that perfectly practices the base principles of Material Design very well indeed. We of course are the kind that regularly hang around the tech section of BuzzFeed for its original content and community, but there is a lot more to find besides that. – Download from iTunes

6. CBS Sports (Free)


I’ll admit here that I’ve never been the biggest CBS Sports fan and generally try to avoid the NFL games it broadcasts; no one will ever compare to the Al Michaels and John Madden commentator partnership, but NBC’s current duo of Michaels and Cris Collingsworth is pretty good. One thing that CBS does have going for it however is a nicely designed iPhone app which takes on board the principles of Material Design to create an app that is never striking but is effective in its simplicity. We’ve all been in that position before where simply checking the scores can lead to annoyingly long loading times and menus that you simply aren’t interested in traversing. Thankfully the CBS Sports app arranges it all efficiently enough, and will keep you updated via notifications throughout the day.  – Download from iTunes

5. Coinbase (Free)


Back in January, Coinbase launched their redesigned iOS and Android apps with a lot of blue and a distinctly Material Design look. While Mint will always be our money management app of choice, there’s a lot to say for Coinbase currently and this interface overhaul presents everything in a neat case that is just satisfying to browse around. For those unaware of Coinbase, it’s basically an app to manage your bitcoin with your iPhone or Android device, allowing you to instantly buy and sell bitcoin in 19 countries and of course to shop with merchants that accept this virtual currency. I won’t go into the merits of bitcoin here but it is worth reading up on if you’re not yet in the know, and there’s an excellent article on the redesign of this interface on Coinbase’s blog.  – Download from iTunes


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