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Apple has spent a lot of time recently ensuring that users are unable to download free music using third party apps on the App Store, and in fact many of the links to such apps now redirect to their own piece of music streaming software for the iPhone, iTunes Radio. For many, iTunes Radio is the best possible option when accessing and streaming music, since they may already have an active iTunes account that they use for the majority of the music they listen to. For some however, it is an app that pales into comparison to other options such as Spotify and Beats Music. With this in mind, we recently took to the App Store to look at the best iTunes Radio alternatives currently available for the iPhone. Considering all kinds of possible attributes that users might be interested in, such as the quantity and quality of the music that you have access to and how much this music costs. Check out our Top 8 below and suggest some of your own recommendations in the comments section!

8. Aupeo (Free)


One great option that we have only recently discovered is Aupeo, which is developed by a Berlin based company and is excellent for creating personalized playlists. As opposed to the likes of Pandora and Rdio, I think Aupeo really shows playlists that reflect your own individual taste. And another cool thing it does is tap into your current location to give you musical recommendations based on where you are in the world at that moment! – Download from iTunes

7. Deezer (Free)


Deezer is a popular music streaming website that provides access to millions of songs, that has since been developed for many different devices. It’s completely understandable then that the iPhone app has achieved the level of popularity it has in such a short space of time. When it comes to susbscriptions, Deezer has two different membership levels at $4.99 and $6.99, with both ad-free yet one with limited functionality compared to the other. That said, the library here can seem somewhat small at some point, at least when compared to the other apps available such as Spotify. – Download from iTunes

6. Whyd (Free)


Whyd is a nice option because it helps you not only to find new music but also to effectively organize all the music you have into intelligent playlists. It also allows you to build playlists around just about any theme, which is a nice idea for those who like full control over what they are doing and what they are listening to. Whyd did used to be invite only, but it’s since been made available to everyone which is great news! – Download from iTunes

5. Noon Pacific (Free)


Another music app that has a fantastic interface is Noon Pacific, and it also comes with a neat premise that some users will really find interesting. These days, it seems that people simply don’t have time to look for new music but instead wanted handed to them on a plate, and that’s really what Noon Pacific does. Every Monday afternoon (at noon, hence the title) you get a new playlist of hand picked curated music, which is hosted on 8Tracks. Most of the time, I’ve never heard of the artists involved but there is usually at least one song that grabs me and pushes me to seek out more material from that particular artist. So yes, while Noon Pacific doesn’t give you access to millions of songs like Google Play Music or Spotify, it is a great way to find new music.  – Download from iTunes


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