Top 8 | Instagram Alternatives for iPhone

Instagram has obviously become a hugely popular platform, especially as a social media alternative to the likes of Facebook and Twitter, but there are alternatives out there.  Of course, the app is perhaps most popular for its relation to photos, and the fact that you can snap stuff and apply a huge range of filters and then share it with friends and family, gaining more followers in the process. This is what seems to set the platform apart from Facebook: the idea that it is just photo based without status updates and all that kind of stuff, and because it is a little more exclusive. There’s a reason why Instagram has become the chosen social media platform of rich kids everywhere: simply because you can point at what you are doing, and show of if need be. So, if Instagram is so unique, what are the alternatives? I guess you could look at some of the better photo editing apps out there and see those as viable options, since they give that photo editing functionality with many of the same filters to choose from, but what about the social stuff?

8. Vine (Free)

I guess that one platform that is becoming increasingly popular these days and works along similar lines to Instragram is Vine. If you are aware of your social media these days then you will already know about Vine and what it offers: the basic premise is that you make and post 3 second looping videos, perhaps playing on the success of animated GIFs in recent years. But there is a strong social aspect to Vine, and it is a nice option for those who like to create and share, then find inspiration elsewhere. Instagram does videos, but not quite as well as Vine does videos. There’s definitely an art form in coming up with the right 3 seconds to share in order to get your point across, and it’s easy to see why this has become such a popular app. So while not a direct alternative to Instagram, it’s definitely worth checking out! – Download from iTunes

7. Camera+ ($2.99)

On to the photo editing apps (which is what Instagram professes to be at a base level) and Camera+, which is certainly one of the more superficial options when it comes to modifying photos for use on social media. I guess that most people who will be altering their snaps with this app are going to then post them on social media such as Instagram, but at least this stands out as a viable alternative to those who would rather use Instagram for the social stuff and not the photos. This can be seen in those who don’t particularly like the distinctive square style photos that Instagram crops to. I’m not a fan of it either, but I guess it’s one of the reasons why the app has become so iconic in recent years. Anyhow, Camera+ is one of the most well loved third party camera apps for the iPhone, and is well designed with a simple editing suite and (importantly for those used to Instagram) tons of filters and customization options! – Download from iTunes

6. PicsArt Photo Studio (Free)

If you’re looking to follow the flock, PicsArt Photo Studio is certainly one of the most popular third party photo editing apps out there for the iPhone at present, with over 250 million installs to date. As the title suggests, while there is a central emphasis on photos the app actually acts as a general visual studio, encouraging not only photography but also drawing among other things, and will be sure to bring out your inner artist! – Download from iTunes

5. Autodesk Pixlr (Free)

Formerly known as Pixlr Express, Autodesk Pixlr is a fun photo editor that allows you to quickly alter and edit your snaps before you upload them to your social media platform of choice. It does lack the depth of some other photo editing apps, but is notable in that the app is not only free but also entirely devoid of ads! – Download from iTunes


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