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Another particular trend that a few have picked up on since the launch of the Apple Watch is the amount of hotel booking apps that have been updated to work with Apple’s new wearable device. Now, this isn’t exactly surprising: I mean, booking and price aggregation apps are big business these days when it comes to traveling, so I suppose it’s understandable that many of these apps are looking to beat their competitors to the punch by updating their various iOS apps for the Apple Watch. You may have noticed that one or two of them were also announced back during Apple’s first keynote last year, which suggests some degree of interest on the part of Apple in making these apps part of your average user’s day-to-day activities. While many of the apps listed below are simple hotel searching apps, designed to take your credentials and your itinerary and come up with the perfect place for you to stay, some have a few other functions up their sleeve such as the ability to unlock your hotel room door with your Watch and a whole lot more.

8. Starwood (Free)

Continuing on from the above, one of the first hotel apps that came on anyone’s radar with regards to the Apple Watch was that offered by the Starwood Hotels brand. This was featured in Apple’s keynote, though the much discussed functionality of offering guests the ability to unlock their room using their device hasn’t been around for that long. In fact, it’s only since November that guests have been able to do so with their iPhone, and it took until April and around the launch of the Apple Watch for this functionality to make it to our wrists through this SPG or Starwood Preferred Guests app. – Download from iTunes

7. Accor Hotels (Free)

AccorHotels is another big name brand in the hotel trade that has recently updated their official iOS app to work with the Apple Watch, and with it comes a whole new world of convenience – allowing you to book your stay and access all kinds of info from your wrist. The group itself is formed from a number of different brands including the likes of Ibis and Mercure and boasts around 3,700 hotels around the world. Upon finding a hotel that suits you, for example those that are in your general vicinity, you can book for the same day if it’s a last minute deal. You can check in with the app 2 days before you arrive at the hotel, and even access TripAdvisor ratings should you be unable to make up your mind! – Download from iTunes

6. (Free)

Hotelscom is another very popular booking app when it comes to finding a place that suits you for your vacation, though I do often wonder whether this is down to the premium website name rather than anything else. Still, the iOS app offers some nice features and these have been extended in an Apple Watch interface with this recent update. Through the app, you will be notified of upcoming reservations once you have synced the app to your account – the app will also offer you access to all those important details such as images of the hotel and the address, with in built maps to help you find your way. There is also a convenient special feature that allows for users to find last minute deals in their current location, which is great if you’re roaming around and need something like this as a safety net should you not be able to find anything right away. – Download from iTunes

5. IHG (Free)


Intercontintenal Hotels Group, or IHG, actually has a couple of apps out there on the market that are between them designed not only to allow users to find the best stay but also improve their traveling experience. The main IHG app is a good way to find the best deals and also to manage your reservations, though I don’t believe this has been updated for the Apple Watch just yet. As something of a companion app to that, IHG has also come out with their translation app which is a perfect way to pick up the local lingo. And while the app itself is free, IHG Rewards Club members have special access to a bunch of language learning features that are bound to help you over the language barrier and beyond.

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