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The runaway success of the health industry when it comes to developing innovative apps and products shows no sense of slowing any time soon, and why should it? People seem to be more aware and conscious of their body than ever before, and the feedback they receive from apps and accessories alike is like nothing we’ve had in history. Even now, it’s easy enough to pull up the kind of details that even your doctor couldn’t tell you. One of the more popular health related accessories to come out of this recent upsurge in interest are the Bluetooth heart rate monitors that you often see wrapped around the chest of professional athletes. These are designed to give a full and comprehensive overview of what your body is going through when exercising, and then relay this to a connected app. Many of these monitors come with their own apps, but can be synced to more general health apps with ease. We take a look at the best heart rate monitors to be used with Android devices, right here:

4. TomTom Heart Rate Monitor ($69.99)


The TomTom heart rate monitor is a fairly simple open, giving you a basic bluetooth monitor that can be added to its ergonomical strap that has been designed for maximum comfort. It also offers one of the best battery lives out there when it comes to heart rate monitors. This seems like one of those nice and simple introductory accessories that are great if you are a first time buyer or simply curious, but unfortunately it’s not quite as affordable as some of the other options we’ve mentioned so I couldn’t really recommend it as such. – Buy from Amazon

3. Scosche Rhythm+ ($79.95)

Scosche Rhythm+

While the Scosche Rhythm+ heart rate monitor comes in a variety of different colors, the one we tried out was black – perhaps so as to not draw any further attention to our pathetic attempts when it comes to working out in public. Unlike some of the heart rate monitors to make the list, this one comes as an armband rather than a chest band and this might be preferable to some. The accessory will track your heart rate as well as calories burned, distance travelled and the general pace you have been moving. It’s therefore a great option for runners. The in built RHYTHM workout programme is a great way to get in shape, and is compatible with all the latest fitness apps. – Buy from Amazon

2. Wahoo TICKR ($59.95)


We mentioned Wahoo before, and also spoke about their innovative burn and burst workout regimes. This applies to the Wahoo TICKR also: the regime is basically an 8 week programme to help you burn off those pounds, and it’s nice to see a heart rate monitor that comes with ready made goals and objectives, as well as well thought out regimes that will help you get fitter. As with most of the accessories mentioned on this list, the TICKR allows you to monitor your heart rate but also check how many calories you are burning, as well as all the stats and info that come with running such as distance and speed. The technology also allows you to connect to GPS watches and of course your Android device.- Buy from Amazon

1. Withings Pulse O2 ($99.99)

Withings Pulse O2

While most of the products we’ve discussed so far have been concerned with monitoring the heart rate while working out, Withings takes s lightly different approach with their Pulse O2. This little device can be attached to a strap and worn every hour of the day, so is obviously a very useful product if you’re the kind of health oriented person that wants to check on the activities of your heart throughout the day – even at work. Of course, unlike many of the straps and bands we’ve seen so far, the Withings Pulse O2 is a lot more subtle and the kind of monitor that you even forget you are wearing. No only does it track your activity, but also monitors the quality of your sleep, too. – Buy from Amazon


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