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The runaway success of the health industry when it comes to developing innovative apps and products shows no sense of slowing any time soon, and why should it? People seem to be more aware and conscious of their body than ever before, and the feedback they receive from apps and accessories alike is like nothing we’ve had in history. Even now, it’s easy enough to pull up the kind of details that even your doctor couldn’t tell you. One of the more popular health related accessories to come out of this recent upsurge in interest are the Bluetooth heart rate monitors that you often see wrapped around the chest of professional athletes. These are designed to give a full and comprehensive overview of what your body is going through when exercising, and then relay this to a connected app. Many of these monitors come with their own apps, but can be synced to more general health apps with ease. We take a look at the best heart rate monitors to be used with Android devices, right here:

8. Garmin Heart-Rate Monitor ($33.48)


Let’s start with Garmin’s own effort in this war of heart rate monitors, which is a fairly simple and affordable option, as such presenting a perfect first time buy for someone who would like to receive more feedback on how their body is responding to exercise or simply the stress of everyday life. with the Garmin heart rate monitor, you can pick between two different styles: there is the regular strap and the soft strap. The particular product may seem somewhat simple when compared to other options in its lack of features, but it gets the job done and as I say, is great if you are still unsure and want something affordable for your first HR monitor. – Buy from Amazon

7. Runtastic RUNBT1 ($50.45)


Another product that has been designed with running in mind, the Runtastic RUNBT1 is a great way to keep your heart rate in check and manage your workout plan. The Runtastic app remains one of the very best out there for use with smartphones and other mobile devices, and I’ll hold my hand up and state that this is my fitness app of choice when going out on long runs after work. Perhaps the best thing about this product then is that, not only is it relatively affordable, but it comes with an activation code for the Runtastic PRO app for your mobile devices so that you can take advantage of all the features it has to offer. On top of that, it also allows you to use the road bike and mountain bike PRO apps too, which is of course excellent for those who typically like to cycle in order to work out rather than run.  – Buy from Amazon

6. Jarv RunBT ($34.95)

Jarv Run BT

Another affordable option for those of you who want something that works but are unwilling to break the bank: the Jarv RunBT is of course designed with running in mind, and is able to track your heart rate along with the distance you have traveled and the general pace you have been setting. The accessory itself comes with more than 50 fitness related apps, each of which is catered to a different side of fitness such as running, cycling and even walking. This shows that the Jarv RunBT isn’t just for running, but will work no matter what you use it for.  – Buy from Amazon

5. Wahoo Blue HR ($57.99)

Wahoo Blue HR

If you’re looking for a heart rate monitor that will work well no matter the kind of fitness regime you are interested in, the Wahoo Blue HR is an excellent pick. It is designed for comfort whether being used with running, cycling or just about anything you can throw at it, and gives accurate feedback when paired with most fitness apps. It will monitor your not only your heart rate, but also be able to tell you how many calories you burned off during a specific workout. It also includes the innovate burn and burst training plans that are each designed with a different approach to fitness in mind, allowing you to lose weight and run faster respectively. – Buy from Amazon


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