Top 8 | Healthy Lifestyle Apps for Android

It seems like the whole world let alone just the US is on a massive health kick right now, and the effects of this can be seen in everything from the fact that McDonalds is struggling to the fact that everyone and their mother is currently wearing some kind of activity monitor to track their exercise throughout the day. The increase in demand for fitness based accessories that can communicate with your smartphone has led to many new developers attempting to find niche areas of the market, and a huge amount of apps that have popped up that look to encourage a healthy lifestyle. These healthy lifestyle apps can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from those that offer healthy recipes to those that suggest restaurants where you can eat and not fear fatty and dangerous foods. Our favorites however are those such as Fooducate, which basically allows you to see through the packaging in a supermarket and work out if a product is good or bad for you just by scanning the barcode.

8. Zipongo (Free)


Zipongo is a good way to manage your diet on a weekly basis, creating a plan that is realistic and thens sticking to it. The app is a real resource when it comes to healthy recipe options that are suited to your dietary preferences, as well as any restrictions you might currently have. The app also offers things like coupons and daily deals on health foods in shops around you, which is a great incentive to get out there and find cheaper health foods rather than sticking to a single supermarket or whatever.  – Download from Google Play

7. Water Drink Reminder (Free)


Drinking enough water each day and staying hydrated is also a very important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and as such we wanted to include an app on this list for that, too. There are lots of water loggers out there, but perhaps the most enjoyable one that we came across is Water Drink Reminder which basically tracks your daily drinking habits and then reminds you to take on waterby logging your drinking and ensuring that you remain hydrated as a result.- Download from Google Play

6. HealthyOut (Free)


HealthyOut is another great app to own if you’re the kind of healthy eating nut who loves to cook recipes but also likes to seek out the healthy option when you visit the restaurant. If you’re on a diet, and someone invites you out for a bite to eat, there’s always the guilt associated with it. Should you just ignore the diet for an evening and eat whatever you like, or suffer through some kind of salad that might not even be that good for you anyway? The HealthyOut app is a good alternative in that offers you healthy options in your area, offering you low calorie or low carb alternatives as well as those that are low in fat and high in proteins. The app also allows you to check for restaurants that support different dietary needs, from vegetarians to gluten sensitive diners and more. – Download from Google Play

5. Moves (Free)

Moves is basically the app for those who want to track their movements throughout the day, but aren’t that willing to invest in some kind of fitness accessory or activity tracker. Of all the health apps that get you to eat better and count calories, I think that apps like this are actually more useful in many ways in that they encourage you to get up off your butt and moving around. Even if you walk to and from school every day rather than take the bus, or run around with your kids at the park after school, the app logs these movements and rewards you for it. You can track your journeys through the app, and the app will tell you the steps you’ve taken and even the calories you’ve ingested once you start logging foods. – Download from Google Play


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