Top 8 | Healthy Eating Apps for iPad

Having a mobile device or tablet like the iPad is a great way to stay disciplined and eat healthy food, and there are many different healthy eating apps out there to help you stick to your diet. Whether they are apps like Fooducate which looks simply to educate people on what they are consuming, or diet trackers and calorie counters like the one provided by MyFitnessPal, you will always be able to find healthy eating apps to suit your needs and desires. While this is more of a generic list of the best apps we have found when it comes to health eating, I suppose you could apply the topic to all kinds of apps – including those designed for weight loss, and there are so many of these! The topic is broad, so there’s a good chance we missed out some stuff that users should consider when looking to maintain a health diet by using their iPad – if you know of a cool app worth mentioning, why not let us know in the comment section?

8. EatingWell Magazine (Free)


First off, there are lots of different magazine apps for the iPad. The platform really suits the downloading and reading of eBooks, which makes it ideal for popular magazines who would like a mobile app to deliver digital content to their audience. One of these magazines is EatingWell, which is something of a bi-monthly healthy eating Bible for those who wish to keep their body in shape and on top form. This official app provides users with access to the magazine directly on their iPad, which is great for those who would rather not pile up magazines in the house and want immediate access to their favorite publication. You can even get access to a free issue when you say yes to a subscription! – Download from iTunes

7. SparkRecipes (Free)


SparkRecipes is a recipe library app like so many of the others that exist on the iPad, except in this case there is a marked influence on Healthy Recipes. With over 500,000 to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something to cook for your family with this handy app. There is the chance to search the database in a variety of ways, and you can even apply certain dietary limitations in order to ensure that you find exactly what you’re looking for. – Download from iTunes

6. BBC Good Food (Free)


I’m sure there used to be a healthy eating app from the BBC Good Food series as well, but I can’t seem to find it anymore – perhaps they did away with it, or incorporated it into this general app? Either way, the BBC Good Food app is a great way to find recipes and is particularly useful for the range of search options that it offers – great when you are on a diet and are looking for specific recipes or foods in order to maintain it. – Download from iTunes

5. Substitutions (Free)


Cooks reading this will have been there at one point: you are in the middle of making something in the kitchen when you find that you don’t have any of [insert obscure ingredient here], so then have to scramble around seeking it from neighbors or even run out to the store. Substitutions is a great app in that it will give you a bunch of alternative ingredients if you don’t have something in particular. What it is particularly good at though is providing users with ingredient info when it comes to specific dietary needs, such as which ingredients are right for those with specific allergies, or gluten free and that kind of thing. – Download from iTunes


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