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As usual with their recent increased capabilities of HealthKit for iOS 8 on the iPhone 6, Apple arrive somewhat behind the curve. Fitness apps and health apps have been increasing in popularity for years, and it seems somewhat overdue that Apple are only now implementing their own fully compatible health system that comes built into your iOS device. This is perhaps why they’ve found it so difficult to convince developers of third party apps to integrate their products with HealthKit, whether they are indeed apps or accessories designed to harvest your data while you are working out. Luckily, there are plenty of developers out there who have followed suit to make their products work with HealthKit, meaning you can enjoy the convenience and abilities of these apps and products, while at the same time taking advantage of one of your iPhone’s best features. But what are the best fitness accessories out there that work with HealthKit? We recently took some for a spin and came up with a list of our favorites, from heart rate monitors to fitness bands.

8. Withings Aura Smart Sleep System ($299.95)

Withings Aura Smart Sleep System

Let’s start of with something slightly different and the Withings Aura, which is basically smart sleep system that is designed not only to monitor your sleeping patterns so as to suggest ways that this can be improved, but also helps you have a smoother nights sleep. Withings are one of the best brands out there when it comes to health related accessories for smartphones and tablets, so it was crucial that Apple got them on board when it comes to HealthKit compatibility. And you can now find such products as the Withings Aura over in the Apple Store, so everybody wins!  In black and white, the Aura basically measures heart rate, movement, ambient light. Then alters these, combined with soothing sounds in order to lull you to sleep. The soft tones are much better for you when going to sleep and are used to rouse you in a gentle way, as opposed to your jarring iPhone alarm. – Buy from Amazon

7. Wahoo TICKR ($59.95)


The TICKR has evolved somewhat since we got our hands on this one to try out, and there are now a variety of different versions to choose from. This is however one of the most solid options you can invest in when looking for a fitness band for your iPhone, and especially one that works with Apple’s own HealthKit. The Wahoo TICKR accurately monitors your heart rate and fitness details, both when working out or running and just generally during the day. Wahoo also have their very own Burn & Burst training program, which has been designed specifically to work with their accessories and apps, and has been praised in many corners of the press for being a short 8 week fitness program that actually works. – Buy from Amazon

6. iHealth BP7 Blood Pressure Monitor ($54.69)

iHealth BP7 Blood Pressure Monitor

Another very impressive brand that has adopted Apple’s HealthKit and has a bunch of products available in the Apple Store today is iHealth. One might think that the name alone is a slight to Apple’s tight attitude to copyright infringement, but I guess that this can be overlooked if your products are as innovative and fantastic as what we’ve become used to seeing with iHealth. Their blood pressure monitor is certainly a rival to the Withings one mentioned below, and might even be worth considering over this rival product since it does cost a whole lot less. – Buy from Amazon

5. Withings Blood Pressure Monitor ($129.95)

Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

As mentioned, Withings is one of the industry leaders these days when it comes to health related accessories, and their blood pressure monitor is one of the very best out there. You will pay quite a bit for it, but it’s certainly worth it for the functionality you will have access to as a result. You simply slip on the cuff and turn on the monitor and allow the Health Mate app (which works with Apple’s HealthKit, also) to take charge of your wellbeing. And unlike many other acceossories and apps, the results here are instant. – Buy from Amazon


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