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While fitness accessories are among the most popular these days, with activity trackers by companies like Withings and Misfit and Garmin allowing users to get more accurate readouts of their workout sessions, there are also healthcare accessories that can be just as important when getting into shape and staying in shape. We started this list because there are many accessories out there that could be considered as used for fitness, but no real category for those that are developed with health in mind – not necessarily fitness as in exercise and working out, but just the maintaining of a healthy way of life. As such, this list will be somewhat inconsistent with accessories that can seemingly belong to other categories also, but all of those mentioned here have been designed with health in mind – from those that are there to measure your BMI to those that help you to embark on a better night of sleep. Check out our favorite healthcare accessories below and then feel free to suggest your own in the comments section!

8. Beddit Sleep Tracker ($99.95)

As mentioned, there are one or two excellent accessories out there that are designed to help monitor your sleep and improve your night time rest period, too. I’ve noticed something of an upswing in this kind of thing ever since the popular Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app showed users that it’s better to wake up from a light sleep than a deep one, and that even waking up earlier in such a case can leave you feeling less groggy. If you’d rather invest in an accessory than an app to improve your sleep however, there is always Beddit’s array of sleep monitors. Beddit products basically work around this idea of a tiny sensor that is taped to your mattress and helps to monitor your sleeping acivities. It’s a lot like Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock, but the sensor obviously allows for a more accurate readout. The app will then give you a score of your sleep quality, but also breaks things down into the amount of sleep cycles you achieve and the amount of times you wake in the night. Of course, a smart alarm clock is also included! – Buy from Amazon

7. Kinsa Smart Thermometer ($19.99)

Kinsa is worth mentioning here for their range of smart thermometers, and indeed the first smar thermometer to be approved by the FDA. You can easily connect these to your iOS device not via WiFi or Bluetooth but the headphone jac, giving a clear radout of your temperature which can be taken in the usual variety of ways. It’s a great way to get an accurate readout of your kid’s temperature, especially at this time of year when they periodically come down with colds and the flu. The official Kinda app is even designed for this, with fun loading screens that are designed to distract kids that are being made to sit still while their temperature is being taken. – Buy from Amazon

6. iHealth Wireless Body Analysis Scale ($94.99)

iHealth has become one of the leading names in healthcare accessories and general health products that support mobile devices, and their wireless scales are outstanding. These scales are of the smart variety, meaning that they not only weigh your mass and communicate that to your device but also give you a whole host of other info, including a readout of body fat, muscle mass, the amount of body water and even calorie intake. This is done by using four electronic sensors that work in tandem with their well developed algorithms to measure the state of your body in a way that you will have never seen before. The information gathered by the hardware is then sent via Bluetooth or Wifi to your device of choice, and the scale can be used by up to 20 people at a time. – Buy from Amazon

5. BACtrack Breathalyzer ($99.95)

BACtrack boast a range of fantastic portable breathalyzers that are a great way to get a quick and accurate readout of your blood alcool conent. You see the number, but there is also a detailed explanation of what this number means and how long you should have to wait before this number returns to zero. The data gathered by the BACtrack breathalyzer can then be sent to your device and synced with the Apple Health app. – Buy from Amazon


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