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Those of you who have used Handoff at some point in the past will know just how useful a feature it can be. These days, most of us work with computers, tablets, smartphones and other kinds of technology, and the cross platform nature of so many apps and service means that you can start working with an app on one device and then continue working on something else entirely, but never missing a beat. This is the concept behind the Handoff feature from Apple: that you can take notes at a meeting at the office with your iPad, organize these notes on your iPhone while on the train home, and then seamlessly turn them into a proper report while on your MacBook at home. Handoff is a very useful utility to take advantage of, but we should note that it does not support all apps. Mail, Messages, Safari and the like are all integrated with Handoff, but to make the most out of its availability it should be used with third party apps. We run through some of our favorite Handoff compatible third party apps for the iPhone:

8. ThirdLove (Free)

Let’s kick off the list with an app that you might well have overlooked in terms of what is Handoff compatible and what is not. Most of those we list here will be productivity apps, but ThirdLove is a shopping service for those buying beautiful, perfect-fitting lingerie. The developers behind the app seem to think that you’ll be spending a lot of time browsing for products, and as such have implemented Apple’s Handoff feature here, too. This means you can begin your search for underwear on your iPhone and then continue on your iPad or other device. – Download from iTunes

7. Wunderlist (Free)


Wunderlist is another excellent to do list or task management app, and one of many that has made the jump quickly to Apple Watch support. In fact, of those apps that have been updated to provide Apple Watch support on iOS, many of them are of the productivity variety. This is mainly because managing your tasks from your wrist is a whole lot easier than when you have to pull out your iPhone each time, and that is certainly the case with Wunderlist. And with this Handoff compatibility, those using Wunderlist can now allow you to begin working on something (the app has great collaborative features) on one device and then seamlessly pick things up on another. – Download from iTunes

6. PCalc ($9.99)


PCalc has quickly become one of the go to utility or productivity app for iOS users, and is far more than just a calculator app. Like the following entry Things, PCalc will set users back around $10 to purchase it, but this includes a range of different features that jut seem to become more and more useful the longer you use the app. With Apple Watch support, you now have a feature rich calculator on your wrist than just about any Casio aficianado would be jealous of. And with the Handoff feature included as part of PCalc, you can now easily move around between different versions of the app on your Watch or your iPad without having to put things down and pick them up again.- Download from iTunes

5. Things ($9.99)

Things is a productivity suite or task management app that has become quite popular among those who like to organize and schedule the things they do throughout the day, whether in a personal or a professional capacity. The main idea behind Things and the reason it stands out somewhat when placed alongside many of the other productivity apps out there at the moment is that it allows you to manage tasks and data with ease; that is, the app will step in and maintain things automatically rather than you having to do things manually. There is a Things app for both iOS devices and the Mac, meaning that you can manage your tasks no matter what device you are using. There is also now Apple Watch support also, so that you can check on and check off tasks from your wrist. While the app is just one in a range of effective productivity apps for iOS users, the $9.99 price may well turn people away. – Download from iTunes


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