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Ever been to that wonderful place known as Inbox Zero? It’s a nice place to visit, if you ever get the chance: a place where monitoring and managing your emails becomes a breeze rather than a constant headache, and the only material that you have to sift through is that which you might consider important. There are plenty of apps out there that profess to promoting this idea of Inbox Zero, but few that actually follow through with their assertions. Gmail is an email app I’ve been using for some time, and it’s great for certain things: I like the labeling system and the integration with Drive and Hangouts really makes things a lot easier in my professional life. It does however have no chance when it comes to attaining that zen-like Inbox Zero state. There are other apps with more of a chance, however, and we recently ran through a bunch of those that are currently available for your iPad from the App Store. Check out our suggestions and then feel free to suggest your own tried and tested Gmail alternatives in the comments section below!

4. MailDeck (Free)


If you’re looking for an email app that does things sligtly differently and is more of a radical than most of the Gmail alternatives listed so far, then check out Maildeck. The main difference that this app makes is when it comes to the interface, for it does not put the folders in a sidebar as we’ve become used to seeing but arranges them as a series of tabs at the top of the page – something that is more akin to your default web browser, perhaps. It’s a method that really works, and seems to give you more screen space for everything else you want to do. – Download from iTunes

3. CloudMagic (Free)

Cloud Magic is another of these inbox management apps and exists currently as one of the most proficient and useful for iPad users. The app supports a range of different email platforms including Gmail, Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo and Office 365. You simply punch in your login details for any and all inboxes you own and let the app do the rest. Cloud Magic is certainly one of the more feature rich options on the market at this point, with push notifications, custom folder sync and also a unified inbox view which allows you to bring emails from all sources together in one room, so to speak. The notifications are the best part, however, since you can interact with them so as to sort emails or reply to them or even snooze them without even opening the app itself. CloudMagic also integrates with a bunch of productivity toosl including Trello and OneNote to help you pass things from these apps to your email before sending it to a colleague, for example. – Download from iTunes

2. Mailbox (Free)


Mailbox is one of the best apps we’ve come across in our quest for that elusive state of Inbox Zero, since it seems to be concerned almost exclusively with this idea of purifying your inbox: getting rid of all that excess dead weight and leaving you more time to focus on the communcations that are important. To do this, Mailbox has a bunch of different categorization options so that you can add certain emails to different groups and then of course the ability to snooze emails to be read at a later date. The app works around the theory that your immediate inbox should only contain stuff that is important to you, and will slowly weed out the rest if you take the time to teach it what you consider important and what isn’t. – Download from iTunes

1. Boxer ($4.99)


Boxer is another nice inbox management app with an overall aim of Inbox Zero, allowing you to bring together emails from different sources (as can be seen in the screenshot above) and then organize them accordingly, removing all the unimportant stuff and leaving yourself with a self-taught inbox that will file stuff away without need for your intervention, leaving you free to peruse and respond to things that matter. The Dashboard view here is one of the best around, and perhaps is what pushes it ahead of the other apps on the list: it gives you the excellent ability to view several different inboxes at once and then manage these accordingly. The label and folders system is also excellent, meaning that you can really organize your email accounts as you want to and teach the app to maintain this order. – Download from iTunes


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