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Ever been to that wonderful place known as Inbox Zero? It’s a nice place to visit, if you ever get the chance: a place where monitoring and managing your emails becomes a breeze rather than a constant headache, and the only material that you have to sift through is that which you might consider important. There are plenty of apps out there that profess to promoting this idea of Inbox Zero, but few that actually follow through with their assertions. Gmail is an email app I’ve been using for some time, and it’s great for certain things: I like the labeling system and the integration with Drive and Hangouts really makes things a lot easier in my professional life. It does however have no chance when it comes to attaining that zen-like Inbox Zero state. There are other apps with more of a chance, however, and we recently ran through a bunch of those that are currently available for your iPad from the App Store. Check out our suggestions and then feel free to suggest your own tried and tested Gmail alternatives in the comments section below!

8. Hop (Free)


The biggest pain when it comes to sifting through your emails and finding some kind of coherence in it all is the idea of email chains, those sprawling and incessantly annoying chains of work emails that never stop and are absolutely impossible to navigate. You might share a file with someone at some point, and they might see that file and open it, but try finding that same file a week later under a mountain of other messages and shared info – it’s impossibe! Hop takes a slightly different approach to emails, presenting all messages as conversation rather than email chains: this allows you to better see each person’s contribution and makes back-reading a whole lot easier. You respond to emails just as you would a message in a messaging app, which is infinitely more satisfying. – Download from iTunes

7. Mail Pilot 2 ($9.99)


Mail Pilot 2 expands upon the ideas presented in the developer’s original app with a task based approach to help simplify both your inbox and the process of handing off details to other apps. It offers a clean and navigable interface that seems to place no small amount of emphasis upon harmony: the idea of browsing your email becomes more of a soothing process, as does the handing off of info from your emails to related apps. All in all it represents an improvement on Gmail, with gesture based inbox management that really soothes rather than aggravates.- Download from iTunes

6. Dispatch ($6.99)


Dispatch is more of an action based email client that allows you to quickly act on different emails by either setting them to one side, opening them up or (most importantly) handing them off to other apps that you migth use. If you want to take meeting details and punch them into Fantastical, for example, the app is set up to do so. Or if you want to move some info into Evernote as a checklist, then Dispatch (hence the name) makes this entire process a whole lot easier and is designed to really boost your productivity in general. – Download from iTunes

5. Yahoo Mail (Free)

If you’re looking for an alternative standalone email client to Gmail rather than some kind of elaborate inbox management app, then the Yahoo Mail app might be worth checking out. In terms of how it compares, this app is probably the closest to Gmail that you will get and indeed seems to borrow a few features: that annoying Gmail thing of not immediately maximizing emails being one of those. It has some nice customization options, but the everpresent menu with links to other Yahoo aps such as Flickr and Yahoo Weather can get annoying. – Download from iTunes


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