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I’m like most users of news apps in that I have my own specific routine to start each day, most of which revolves around the switching between news platforms in order to cover just about every story. The great thing about most of these free news apps these days however is that they’re designed to collect the stories and collate them depending on your own individual interests, which means there’s a chance you can confine all your reading to one particular news reader or RSS feed. But which are the best free news apps out there for such a purpose? Which are the best feed readers, and which offer you the best free service when it comes to finding the kind of content that suits you. We recently took a few of these apps for a spin on Android and came up with the following apps. I’d like to say that just one of them might do, but I’m rather picky when it comes to these things and will typically have at least a couple of news apps on the go at any one time. How about you guys?

8. Digg (Free)


Digg is a service that I had been using for years but ended up jumping off the bandwagon around the time most did, threatening its untimely demise as a result. Fortunately for us, Digg made a fairly swift recovery thanks largely to the removal of Google Reader, and has managed to maintain this level of popularity ever since. The key move on this path however was undoubtedly the release of its redesigned app on the Play Store, which presents a new, clean take on the enws feed. As an RSS or news app, it offers most of the features that you would expect to get, allowing users to swiftly add individual feeds from a list of popular ones or from different categories. It’s also great for social content, and seems to be able to quickly process the more popular stories online quicker than other apps so as to bring them to you sooner. – Download from Google Play

7. Google Play Newsstand (Free)

Google Reader had something of a following back when it was still active as a decent way to keep all your news sources in one convenient place. We’ve seen a few different iterations to this in the couple of years since, including both Google Currents and Google Play Magazines, bringing us ultimately to Google Play Newsstand. The way that this news reader app sets itself apart from the other apps on this list can be seen in the title: it allows you to purchase and subscribe to magazines through the Play Store, integrating these fully into your other news sources so that everything you want to read is available in one place. While the app falls down really when it comes to RSS feeds, the massive amount of magazine content more than makes up for this – and there are free options, too. – Download from Google Play

6. PaperBoy (Free)


PaperBoy should really be reserved for a list of Feedly alternatives, but we feel that it merits at least a passing mention here. It was basically developed for those Android users that loved Feedly but wanted a prettier option. There aren’t too many features here when compared to some of the other top news reading apps, but it gets the job done and offers what is a nice, Material Design inspired interface that is easy enough to navigate and use. – Download from Google Play

5. News Republic (Free)

News Republic is similar to Flipboard in that it offers you a curated look at the news in a magazine style, tiled format. It’s one of these news apps that really depends on your rating of things in order to learn your taste, so the more you use it, the more the app manages to come up with a list of articles that suits just you. It’s great for breaking tech news in particular, but again, we can’t recommend enough that you rate the things that you read. It does take a little more time, but you get a better feed as a result.  – Download from Google Play


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