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The market for messaging apps is very saturated these days, with many different apps vying for competition. In fact, only the most popular app of the lot, WhatsApp, is able to charge for the privilege: offering the first year of use for free and the following year at just $0.99. Still, we’d class that as free since the price is next-to-nothing. WhatsApp tends to rule the roost these days, but what are the other free messaging apps for iPhone that are worth trying out? We take a look at the options available from the App Store today, from Apple’s built-in messenger to those that look to innovate on the usual.

8. iMessage (Free)


This seems like the most logical start for such a list: Apple’s very own Messages app, which most of us will know and love. The wonderful thing about this app is that since it is the standard, built-in option then most if not everyone will have it installed. As such, you don’t have to invite people to start using it if they already have an Apple device like an iPhone or iPad! Apple has also updated the app significantly with recent versions of iOS, offering a greater deal of functionality but really just falling in line with the popular apps like WhatsApp and what these apps are doing. There’s really no more convenient option than this one for iPhone users!

7. Line (Free)


Line isn’t just a messaging service, it’s more like a social network with different apps to suit each function. Whether you want to play games, draw, read comic books, or take photos, there is a Line app for you. Really one of the most versatile messaging apps out there these days, with a lot more depth than others offer. What’s more, it’s not just for messaging and has taken on the functionality of popular apps like Viber to allow users the ability to make free voice and video calls as well. There’s also a nice Snap Movie feature that allows you to capture a few frames of film and add some music to it with the tap of a screen, then share it with friends for free. – Download on iTunes

6. Tango (Free)


Tango provides both instant message and video call functions, and is easy enough to download and set up. You can add others using a telephone number or email address, then message or video call – though the quality of the call will obviously depend on the connection itself, which means that wi-fi is preferable. This is always the problem with video call apps, in that – as anyone with a data plan will tell you – it’s always gone pretty quickly if you use it for stuff like video. The group chat function of Tango also means that you can do group texting with up to 300 friends – a great way to stay in touch with colleagues at work regarding work stuff, or plan some kind of gathering. – Download on iTunes

5. Kik Messenger (Free)


Kik Messenger is a nice cross-platform messaging app that allows you to message with text, images, sketches, or even YouTube videos. One of the nice touches that we love is the fact that you can view messages even when offline – also, you can send a message to up to 12 contacts at once, ideal for event planning. Unlike apps like WhatsApp and Viber, with Kik you don’t need to input your phone number in order to take advantage of its features. You simply select a username and then share that with friends, which gets rid of any activation and registration process. – Download on iTunes


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