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Despite the fact that with only a few dollars in your pocket, you can own some of the best mobile games out there these days, there are still players that steadfastly refuse to splash out even a mere 99 cents on the latest game. This makes searching for free apps and games a popular process, so we thought we’d go through those free titles currently available for the Apple Watch in order to pick our favorite. I’ve always found it somehow ironic that, because developers will often only reduce their game to free status once a certain number of downloads are hit and certain level of popularity is reached, often its the free gamers that benefit from those who are willing to fund their mobile gaming experience. All that aside, there is already a good array of mobile games that have been developed for Apple Watch. Check out our picks below, and then feel free to suggest your own examples in the comments section below!

8. Runeblade 

We recently ran through the puzzle games currently available on the Apple Watch, which really is a genre ideally suited to the smaller real estate of Apple’s new wearable screen. One genre that doesn’t particularly suit that kind of limitation, on the other hand, is the role playing game. Still, not to be outdone, that hasn’t stopped the release of Runeblade, which is predictably marketed as the first (and at this point I believe the only) RPG available on the Apple Watch. Despite the limitations in terms of gameplay, with you basically tapping your sword icon every so often to do away with dungeon monsters, Runeblade is a lot of fun. They have successfully preserved the kind of rewarding progression of the RPG game and presented in this small format, so kudos to the developers! – Download from iTunes

7. Peak 


As with puzzle games, brain training titles don’t really requite that much when it comes to graphics and complicated interfaces. In fact, the simpler a brain training game is, the better. There are already a few of these that have made that jump from the iPhone to the Apple Watch, and one of those is Peak: a self styled self improvement app that is designed to help you develop skills such as mental agility, problem solving and memory but at the same time in a fun environment that will keep you coming back time and time again. – Download from iTunes

6. Elevate 


Remaining with the brain training idea, I’d say that Elevate is perhaps the best title you can grab these days in terms of Apple Watch titles. While Peak is a fairly slow and methodical title that actively discourages you rushing through different challenges, Elevate instead introduces a range of Dash modes to reward the player for how quick they can work through different problems. The new update of Elevate for the Apple Watch comes with 4 new mini games which will no doubt be a welcome addition to returning gamers and Elevate vetarans, with an emphasis on enhancing your vocabulary, writing skills and math skills. The cool thing about the Dash games introduced in Elevate is that they come in fairly quick, bite size chunks, so stamina doesn’t really become a factor.  – Download from iTunes

5. Real Racing 3 

Real Racing

We here at Top 8 are huge fans of the freebie EA title Real Racing 3. It’s baffling that such a fantastic game is still available to download for free, and great that the iPhone has become something of a haven when it comes to excellent racing titles. This latest update for Real Racing 3 on the Apple Watch is, as you may have guessed, not a port but a companion game app that will allow you to continue the player manager side of things. You send your driver out to earn money, then reap the rewards on your iPhone or iPad! – Download from iTunes


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