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Food delivery websites are built on their relative convenience when compared to the age old and often frustrating process of using the telephone to order takeout. In fact, many of these sites typically base their promotional campaigns around this idea of avoiding the telephone at all costs, and the possibility that you might have to sit on hold or have your order taken down wrong. These sites are also great for small businesses, since they essentially provide them with the chance to have a fully functioning online ordering system, without the need to build and maintain one themselves. And of course, it was only a natural progression that food delivery websites would then slide towards mobile apps so as to add yet another layer of convenience, meaning that you can now order your meals and groceries with a few swipes of your iPhone. But what are the most notable food delivery apps out there for iPhone users these days? We recently ran through a bunch of them, and came up with this list of favorites. Let us know what you think by commenting below!

4. EAT24 (Free)

Another of the more comprehensive food delivery apps out there for the iPhone in terms of coverate is EAT24, which has been pushing its brand recently with TV spots and even a Superbowl commercial! The takeout app currently supports over 20,000 restaurants and a huge amount of different cuisines, meaning that never again will you find yourself staring at a bunch of menus that seem all too familiar. The main advantage that EAT24 has over all the other takeout and food delivery apps however is that it is integrated with Yelp, which is a hugely popular app for finding restaurnts and other establishments in your city. This of course means that the EAT24 app has access to an entire database of user reviews and ratings, meaning that you will be able to see and hear exactly what a given restaurant is like before placing your order and spending your well-earned cash! – Download from iTunes

3. OrderUp (Free)

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about food delivery apps, it’s that the logistics often aren’t as simple as they seem. Also, there is often very little transparency: customers sometimes don’t know where their food is coming from, nor who prepared it and how long it will take to arrive. As such, it is both refreshing and reassuring to come across a service that is looking to address this issue. OrderUp is perhaps the most transparent of all the food delivery apps out there today, offering constant and detailed updates from the moment you place your order to the instant it arrives on your doorstep. Their approach to grouping restaurants limits the distance between the kitchen and the consumer, which means no more cold and soggy takeout meals, and they even cover non-urban areas which is great for those not living in the big cities who still want convenient and tasty food sent right to their door! – Download from iTunes

2. Munchery (Free)


Those who follow Top 8 will know that we are huge suckers for a nice looking app, and as far as looks go, Munchery tops them all. Its clean and concise interface is a joy to navigate, and is as immaculately prepared as its dishes. For Munchery is no ordinary takeout app, but a chef-cooked meal service that offers unique and wonderful dinners and lunches using seasonal ingredients from the surrounding area – keeping healthy choices in mind! At this point, the service supports only a handful of cities in the US such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and New York, so if you live in one of these areas then you’re in luck! – Download from iTunes

1. GrubHub (Free)

When it comes to choice however, I don’t think that many food delivery apps can keep up with GrubHub. Their coverage currently spans to well over 800 cities and 30,000 restaurants, meaning you will typically be able to find a lot of choice around you. Another great thing about this app is that, once you’ve placed your order, you can actively track it through the app and receive updates as to where it is and how long before it will be delivered. – Download from iTunes


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