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It’s that time of year again: Summer is upon us and people are taking to the beachfront in droves, not only to relax and unwind but also to work out and get into shape. Why some people wait for the hottest part of the year to do so is beyond me, since there are some places where outdoor exercise becomes almost possible during the daytime in the summer, but that’s the way it is! We recently put a bunch of fitness trackers for Android devices to the test; putting them through their paces to work out which was the best in terms of functionality and affordability. The general ranking below is what we came up with, though if you are looking to invest in a fitness tracker then it is worth noting that our favorite might not always be the best option for you. We’d suggest weighing up the pros and cons and picking something that best suits your demands as a user, whether you are looking for something affordable and light or a multi purpose device that doesn’t skimp on the features.

8. Garmin Vivosmart ($129.00)


We’ll start with Garmin, which is certainly one of the more basic fitness trackers out there that is designed for comfort and simplicity rather than functionality. That’s not to say it’s on the affordable side, I’m afraid, but it does offer a lot of useful features that make it one of the more attractive products that Garmin have produced to date. The device will track your steps, your calories and your sleep, but I like the personalized touches such as the vibrating notifications that can be set up to remind you to stay active. The Vivosmart can also be synced with your Android device smartly and easiy, meaning that you can put your smartphone away when working out and then check any notifications on your wrist should they arrive in the middle of a session. – Buy from Amazon

7. Fitbit One ($99.95)

Fitbit One

The Fitbit One is our pick if you are the kind that prefers to track your activity with a clip on device rather than a band, and I’d say that I probably count myself in this particular category. The LED display is also something that people generally look for in a device these days, so that they can check their step count at a glance and work out their progress from that number, but I’ve always found that this distracts from the actual process of working out. Still, this is a solid and relatively affordable tracker and one that is great for those that prefer clip ons to wristbands. – Buy from Amazon

6. Jawbone UP 24 ($56.99)

Jawbone UP 24

As far as design goes, I think that Jawbone and Misfit have the market just about cornered when it comes to producing organic fitness trackers that are not so much wearable tech as they are fashionable items. The Jawbone UP 24 for example is a very subtle wristband that offers maximum style and comfort, and all for a relatively affordable price when compared to some other fitness trackers out there. The UP 24 has three main objectives when placed on your wrist, those being to track calorie intake, monitor sleep and of course measure your activity throughout the day. Some have pointed out that a lack of a proper LED display is a massive mark in the negative column here, but I prefer those devices that are less intrusive anyway and would rather concentrate on workout out and then check smartphone notifications later, rather than receive them during my session. – Buy from Amazon

5. Misfit Shine ($70.19)

Fitness Trackers

Again, Misfit can be placed alongside Jawbone for beautifully designed activity trackers. This one is the successor to their popular Flash model, but this time is small and circular and above all very subtle in its design. The circle becomes an object that can be placed anywhere on your person so as to track your activity: clipped to your collar as in the image above, or attached to the provided wristband – whatever suits you! The glowing lights around the edge of the device are a nice touch, though aren’t quite as inspiring in terms of workout motivation as the step count that is displayed on other devices. – Buy from Amazon


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