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Staying in shape can be difficult without the kind of discipline and structure that an active gym membership and personal trainer provides. Unfortunately, while we typically throw out lots of different and enthusiastic resolutions at this time of year, most of us simply can’t afford a trainer and a gym and all the equipment that it is suggested you buy to keep in shape. There are however a variety of great fitness apps out there for the iPad in particular that are designed to aid you in the process of keeping fit. Some of these focus on diet, such as calorie counters and the like, whereas others are more activity trackers that monitor your daily steps and exercise and that kind of thing. There are some multi purpose fitness apps out there that look to do all of the above – check out our favorites fitness apps right here.

8. 7 Minute Workout (Free)

7 Minute Workout

With the recent updates to Apple’s iOS, there has been much debate about which apps successfully integrate into it. Additions such as Apple’s HealthKit are great things to have on your iOS device, but what does it matter if your favorite apps have not been updated with things like this in mind. Fortunately, there are always active developers out there who look to keep apps moving and evolving in order to stay ahead of the curve. That is certainly the case with this 7 Minute Workout App, which Lifehacker recently chose as among the best fitness apps that integrate with HealthKit. – Download from iTunes

7. Fitbit (Free)

The Fitbit app is worth mentioning, not only because it is free and offers a decent basic activity tracking service to monitor your daily movements, but because it connects with what is perhaps the biggest range of third party equipment out there for the iPhone and iPad. Yes, Fitbit boasts a massive range of excellent activity trackers that you strap to your wrist or even your clothes to pick up on just about everything you do and provide a much bigger picture at the end of the day. We understand that many users will not have the money to spend on such hardware, but the Fitbit app is still a nice activity tracker without it. – Download from iTunes

6. Endomondo (Free)


Endomondo’s sports tracker is free to download, though there is a $4.99 pro version available for those interested. It focuses on the community aspects of staying in shape and staying motivated, allowing you to connect with others on a similar regime to get advice and support. The app will tap into GPS features on an iPhone to track activity, but since we’re looking at the iPad version of the app then this wasn’t used much. If you own both an iPhone and an iPad, it’s a great way to track your activity with one and then use the other to look at the bigger picture. Endomondo also allows users to easily share their progress on social accounts such as Facebook, in order to inform your friends of how well you are keeping in shape! – Download from iTunes

5. Nike+ Training Club (Free)

No list of fitness apps would quite be complete without mentioning the great range of apps that Nike has developed in recent years, with a real emphasis on workout out and managing some kind of regime. With the Nike+ Training Club app, you are given access to over 100 different workouts that you can learn and perfect. There are also different regimes included that focus on things such as yoga and pilates as well as running! – Download from iTunes


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