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The recent developments with iOS 8 and introduction of the Health side of iPhones to a wider audience can be linked to the massive increase in popularity that we’ve seen among fitness enthusiasts using their smartphones in recent years. These days, it seems as though you’re not a proper fitness nut without some kind of app to guide you along the way, whether trying to stick to a diet in order to lose weight or managing your workout routine in order to discover the best shape of your life. Many of these apps, including those that come preinstalled on iPhones these days, work through your base interaction with your iPhone and do not require any additional equipment. But from someone who wasn’t really into fitness stuff before and only recently tried out these fitness accessories, I can tell you that investing in a band or a fitness tracker can make all the difference! So what are the best third party fitness accessories out there? Well, we recently got our hands on a bunch of options and put it together with our existing knowledge in order to come up with a definitive Top 8 fitness accessories for the iPhone:

8. Garmin Vivofit ($88.99)

Garmin Vivofit

Garmin is a name that most would associate with their in car GPS devices, so I was surprised to come across this fitness tracker, but I suppose it makes sense in that both things deal with measuring distance traveled. Given that there are so many different fitness accessories and trackers out there these days, I think that it will always stand out when a company chooses to be slightly inventive or innovative and deviate from the masses. This can be seen in the Vivofit’s “move bar” which is something that pops up and informs you should you remain inactive for an hour. There are different segments that light up after each 15 minutes of idleness, which is a great way to keep you on your toes and make sure your day is an active one even when not working out. – Buy from Amazon

7. Withings Smart Body Analyzer ($148.41)

Withings Smart Body Analyzer

While most of the fitness accessories noted here are trackers and bands, there is one nice device that I figured it would be good to point out. That is the Withings Smart Body Analyzer, which may look like a simple set of scales but is actually a whole lot more impressive than that. With it, you can get a super precise measurement of how much you way and how much of that is body fat – it will even check the quality of the air in your house! – Buy from Amazon

6. Fitbit One ($95.90)

Fitbit One

Fitbit is certainly one of the leading lights when it comes to developing great fitness accessories for the iPhone, and the Fitbit One is in many ways their flagship product in that it brings together many of the ideas developed previously. It’s an all in one fitness tracker meaning that it will track not only your sleep and your individual steps, but allows you to do a whole lot more besides that. It’s also one of the more simple options out there, and is therefore great for beginners! – Buy from Amazon

5. Sony Smartband SWR10 ($59.99)

Sony Smartband SWR10

Another fitness tracker that innovates somewhat is Sony’s Smartband which has some nice little features to set it apart from the competition – particularly those relating to entertainment and social aspects. You can use the band to control your music for example, and even bookmark a moment in your life. The SmartBand is also a lot more connected with your iPhone, in the sense that it will vibrate to indicate notifications you have received and will inform you should you stray too far from your iPhone – perfect for those who are always leaving their phone behind! – Buy from Amazon


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