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Fitness accessories are a big deal these days, as proved by the success of companies like Fitbit and Jawbone who have been honing the wearable technology for some time. It remains to be seen whether the increase in popularity of devices from the likes of Samsung and Apple will have much of an effect on these standalone fitness trackers, but it seems unlikely. This Top 8 list will count down the very best fitness accessories currently available for Android devices, though with a particular emphasis on these trackers that are designed to count the amount of kilometers you run during each session, but also your general activity throughout the day. Those that aren’t fitness freaks will still find many advantages with these accessories and activity trackers, since they are designed to count any activity throughout the day such as walking to work or running around after the kids, so you can put the time in even when you’re busy with other stuff!

8. DryCASE Waterproof Case ($39.99)


Ignoring fitness trackers for a second, one thing there is also a huge market for these days is protective cases that allow you to carry your mobile device along with you when working out. Many people choose universal strap-on armband cases to keep your smartphone in place when jogging, allowing your fitness tracker to communicate with your device and allowing you to listen to music. For things like biking and beach activities this summer, however, there is a nice option from DryCASE that is great when working out but also just when being by the pool so as to protect your smartphone from any unwanted water. – Buy from Amazon

7. iHealth BP7 ($60.84)


Another great fitness device that isn’t an activity tracker is this one, from iHealth, which is designed to measure your blood pressure at the drop of a hat. There are quite a few of these devices around now, and Withings is also a company that seems to have perfected the model. The best thing about this one is its portability, meaning that you can take it just about anywhere – to work, or even on holiday – without it becoming a burden, and are able to pull it out and quickly receive detailed info on the state of your blood pressure right to the app on your device. – Buy from Amazon

6. Jawbone Up Move ($40.01)


Moving on to the fitness trackers, I doubt they will ever come as affordable as the Jawbone Up Move which was around $50 on Amazon when I bought mine but is now down to under $40. I’ve read people say that it’s a colorful device but lacks the features of some other products, yet I’ve never found any fault with what is a very discreet and subtle fitness tracker. There is an LED monitor but doesn’t impose like with some trackers and fitness bands; instead, it silently monitors your sleeping patterns at night and your movements throughout the day to work out how much exercise you are doing and how many calories you are burning off. – Buy from Amazon

5. Fitbit Charge ($121.31)

Fitbit Charge

The Fitbit Charge is perhaps my favorite of their products in terms of looks; it is very similar to the Charge HR, which we have mentioned in other articles, but if you can do without the heart rate monitoring then it is worth saving $20 to $30. The clasp closure is a bit of an issue here, since it seems to have been designed based on looks rather than for how practical it is, and when you get into those gritty and sweaty workouts then the last thing you want is for your new device to come undone. It’s a shame, because the product is a very sound one, and other Fitbit trackers such as the Flex and the Force are a lot better in terms of securely fastening them to your wrist. – Buy from Amazon


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