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Hands up who loves fighting games? Well, I guess the term could be broadened to encapsulate just about all kinds of games, since most involve fighting your way through something in order to reach a goal. Fortunately, we can reduce this to include beat em ups and boxing games and the like, of which there are currently plenty of the iPhone. Everyone has a favorite beat em up from back in the days of the SNES and then the PlayStation, but I was surprised to find that most of these have been successfully ported over to the mobile platform. I guess that’s probably because these games are mostly just all about button bashing, and use a horizontal format which really suits the smartphone that has been tilted on its side. Of course, some of these ports are better than others. We downloaded and tried out a huge bunch of fighting games recently and came up with a definitive Top 8 to bring to you. Why not try some of these games out yourself and then share with us your best fighting games in the comments section below?

8. Street Fighter IV ($4.99)

I guess that Capcom’s Street Fighter series is among the most beloved out there when it comes to beat em ups, so it makes sense to get this out of the way early on. That said, there are currently a handful of Street Fighter games available for the iPhone, so the chances are we might see another later on in the list. We’ll start off with Street Fighter IV, which is a great way to show just how far the series has come since those early days of 2D action. While the format has been maintained here to appeal to those that are familiar with and love the classic beat em ups, this one has improved 3D character models and a much larger roster of fighters. There is also online play, which makes it one of the most robust and comprehensive beat em up titles on the iPhone. And the best feature: the online arcade mode, where you can start by playing solo and then take on other fighters who might jump in – just as if you were in an arcade! – Download from iTunes

7. Virtua Fighter 2 ($1.99)

Virtua Fighter is another venerable beat em up franchise that most people will remember for its attempts to take beat em ups from 2D to 3D on the Dreamcast and on other consoles. Those were my first experiences with the Virtua Fighter series, so I was somewhat surprised to download this and find myself experiencing a thoroughly enjoyable 2D beat em up. A little more reading and I realized that this one is actually based on an older SEGA Genesis version from 1996, which I never played but does bear all the hallmarks of the classic beat em up games. – Download from iTunes

6. Garou: Mark of the Wolves ($3.99)


SNK was another big name in beat em ups back in the day, and they have been slowly porting their games to the mobile platforms. One of their most recent ports is Garou: Mark of the Wolves which is known by most people as being one of the last Dreamcast games to get released in the west before the console was laid to rest, but is also a late era Neo Geo game. It’s a wonderful beat em up in the classic sense, and actually works as a good entry point to the SNK world as we now know it. I never played the original but jumped in and was enjoying this one within minutes. – Download from iTunes

5. Real Boxing (Free)

Real Boxing

There’s not really much to say about Real Boxing other than the fact that it is perhaps the most engaging boxing experience on the iPhone. I’ve introduced people to this before which has resulted in some lukewarm responses, but it’s still a lot of fun in my book and does show off the power of the iPhone graphics quite well – and it’s free, too! – Download from iTunes


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