Top 8 | FaceTime Alternatives for iPad

As with all of these alternatives articles, it surprises me the amount of users out there that are simply not aware there even are any alternatives. It’s this ignorance that results in brand names becoming verbs, such as the way people now talking about “Skyping” one another. Speaking of video chatting apps, one of the most used default Apple apps is FaceTime, which is probably good enough for your average user but does have its problems. As with any preinstalled Apple apps, there is a veritable mountain of different alternatives out there that do things better and don’t cost a dime – the trick is finding the app that best suits you. These days, as mentioned above, Skype seems to be the most used among video calling apps, representing a huge percentage of the market and continuing to grow thanks to impressive cross platform capabilities. There are however a lot of other, perhaps more overlooked apps out there that are worth taking a look at as valid FaceTime alternatives for your iPad. Check out our picks below and feel free to suggest your own in the comments section!

8. WeChat (Free)


Over half a billion people now use WeChat around the world, which is more than enough reason to give it a passing mention on a list of FaceTime alternatives. Much of WeChat’s userbase exists in the East, however, which might be why you haven’t heard of it yet. The features are what you might expect, with the ability to make HD audio and video calls but also to send SMS and MMS messages, share photos and even play games with friends. It’s one of the best apps out there when it comes to keeping in touch with friends and family across the globe, so might be worth checking out if that’s your situation. – Download from iTunes

7. Tango (Free)


I remember back when Apple first introduced FaceTime to the public, and how there was a rush among developers to come up with some kind of Android equivalent. Tango was one of those apps that struck early and gained an impressive share of the market as a result, largely because it came preinstalled on HTC devices. These days, things are slightly different bit Tango is still a viable alternative that is worth checking out if you’re sick of FaceTime or just looking for a change. It offers HD video and audio calls, messaging and a group chat option. There are also some other interesting features such as the ability to play games and explore channels of content.  – Download from iTunes

6. Imo (Free)


One video calling and chatting app that you might not have heard of at this point, Imo offers similar features to what you’re used to getting with FaceTime but is a nice stripped down app without all the clutter you see on some apps. The video and audio quality is good enough, and you can make unlimited calls for free; you can also send photos and videos, if your friend in question is not online or unable to chat at that particular moment. The app also has an extensive amount of cute emojis, so do check this app out if that’s your thing. – Download from iTunes

5. OoVoo (Free)


OoVoo is I suppose quite similar to the likes of Tango and Viber (we’ll get to this one soon) if you consider the features it offers and nature of the app itself. There is HD video and audio calls, just as with most of the apps out there looking to compete, but ooVoo sets itself apart from the pack somewhat thanks to its group chatting experience. The app ofers video calls for up to 12 people at once, and manages the whole thing very well, too, by splitting up the full screen of your device for each of the person in your conversation and getting rid of any clutter.  – Download from iTunes


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