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We all know the issue with Facebook these days: it is the biggest social media platform in the world, and for good reason, but its practices relating to user privacy and the peddling of user data makes the ethics behind this tech giant questionable at best. The real problem I find is that, even when avoiding aspects of Facebook that involve walls, profiles, status updates, tagged photos and the like, it’s still impossible to get around the fact that most of the world still communicates using Facebook Messenger. And with Facebook’s recent purchase of the other popular messaging app, WhatsApp, you’re using Facebook even when you’re not! WhatsApp remains the preferable option, but what if you’re on a tablet like the iPad where WhatsApp is of course not an option. What are the Facebook Messenger alternatives out there for iPad users? We recently took a look at some of these, taking into account things like usability, design and of course features such as voice calling, video calling and much more. Check out our picks below and then suggest your own favorites in the comments section below!

8. Imo (Free)


One good Facebook Messenger alternative to look out for is imo messenger, which is at the very least a solid video chat option and a good way around typical SMS and call charges. You can send unlimited messages and make video and voice calls over your 3G and 4G or WiFi connection. The group chat features here are also very good, with the ability to share photos and videos or express yourself with emoticons and stickers. imo might be rather limited when compared to other messaging apps, but is a solid enough alternative if you’re sick of Facebook’s standalone messaging app. – Download from iTunes

7. Trillian (Free)


Let’s move on to Trillian then, which is a nice instant mesaging app that works with smartphones and tablets but also desktop computers. The cross platform abilities of this one are excellent, and the automatic synchronization between different platforms means that no matter what platform you are using, things are alway up to date. No matter where you are, Trillian delivers your chats to all of your connected devices. One nice feature I’ve also noticed is that the app silences push notifications on connected devices should you be messaging friends or family on your desktop client. Trillian is also great for support and integration, supporting both Facebook Chat, MSN, Google Talk, AIM, ICQ. So this is a great app for Facebook users who don’t want to use Facebook! – Download from iTunes

6. Confide (Free)


One of the more exciting messaging clients for the iPhone, and one that has also been updated to support the Apple Watch is Confide. The idea behind Confide is simple: that everything should be off the record, so that not only are messages encrypted but they also disappear once they have been read. There is also a nice swipe to reveal feature which, aside from tying into the gesture based nature of the UI’s interactions, is great in that it prevents screenshots. Snapchat is perhaps the most widely use of these self destructing messenger apps, but there’s always the risk that anyone listening into your conversation can take a screenshot in order to save info. That’s not the case with Confide, which can be particualarly useful if you often find yourself discussing personal information when messaging colleagues, for example. – Download from iTunes

5. WeChat (Free)

As a cross platform messaging app, WeChat is the one title that you might not have heard of but is currently used by well over half a billion people – though, most of this userbase exists in Asia and the East. It’s a decent free messaging and calling app, and one that allows you to easily connect with family and friends even when moving across different continents. The app is always free, so unlike WhatsApp will not charge for use. There are some nice features here like a Friend Radar which will show the people that are currently using WeChat in your area. There are 20 different languages available, too, as well as a desktop app and some nice customization options such as wallpapers, stickers and emoticons. – Download from iTunes


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