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Social media and social networking has become such a huge phenomenon these days that fortunately we have a lot of choice when it comes to picking which networks we wish to be part of. This is why I have little sympathy for those who complain about wanting to quit Facebook, but not wanting to fall out of contact with their friends. Look: I get that most of your friends are on Facebook, for everyone and their grandmother has a Facebook profile/page these days, but there are so many options out there! And if you really can’t stand using Facebook but want to maintain that connection, there are apps that tap into Facebook and allow you to contact friends through it, but while using other apps. And for everything else, there is a fascinating array of social media apps out there that act as brilliant Facebook alternatives. Some that offer much of the same, and others that offer something wildly different but no less social. We recently took a look at some of these options and weighed them up against what is certainly the most popular social network on the planet right now.

8. LinkedIn (Free)


Most of the people that have an issue with Facebook these days are either put off by the general attitude of those that use it, or are put off by the general attitude by Facebook towards privacy. The fact that new profiles are opened as public by default is still baffling to me, and the fact that we are still unsure how much of our info Facebook is selling to others – well that should to make everyone quit, right here and now. But the site continues to grow! While I don’t have enough knowledge to know whether the apps we speak about here are better or worse when it comes to privacy and security, at leas they offer something slightly different. The first of these is LinkedIn, seen above, which is often described as Facebook for professionals and pretty much works as such. You can follow people in your own industry and field, and it’s an excellent way to establish connection and be the first to know about industry changes and new openings.- Download from iTunes

7. Google+ (Free)

Google+ is I suppose Google’s answer to the massive popularity of Facebook. To their credit, they have been innovative in coming up with the idea of circles, which is a nice way to differentiate the different groups of people in your life. Most people will interact with friends and coworkers at different times and in a different manner, so this all makes a lot of sense. It’s easy to see why Google+ hasn’t taken off in the same way as Facebook, however! – Download from iTunes

6. Tumblr (Free)


As with a few of the apps to make this list, Tumblr isn’t exactly a social network, but does display a lot of social networking traits. It is primarily a micro blogging platform, where users can post anything they like from text to photos and more, and then have this commented upon by their followers. Like Pinterest, it’s the perfect Facebook alternative if you are of the creative kind, and are often posting pictures or sharing your photography and artwork. And even if you are not the kind that creates, Tumblr is an excellent place to find inspiration and then reblog it for others. Again, you can follow and comment on things, but the social side is limited when compared to Facebook. And another thing that might interest users is the idea that Tumblr is largely anonymous, whereas platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram these days require you to submit your identity and full name. – Download from iTunes

5. Myspace (Free)


You all remember having a Myspace account, right? In many ways Myspace was the forerunner to Facebook, and it could have been that we all have Myspace accounts still today, rather than Facebook accounts. The good news for those that like nostalgia is that Myspace has recently been updated and brought into the modern world of social media, and now exists as a pretty potent rival to Facebook and other apps. I mean, I guess that could be the case if people didn’t attach and hold onto this idea of Myspace having some kind of unfashionable label! – Download from iTunes


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