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Planning events can be a real headache: when it comes to birthdays and of course the holidays, the stress levels can reach all time highs as we rush about trying to get things done on time. The same can be said for your average day, given all the average chores a person will have to work through when it comes to home life and of course work. I’m forever consulting Evernote, which is one of the best productivity apps out there, for this kind of thing: it is a great way to organize things like lists of stuff that needs to be done, but is just as adept as a notepad for jotting things down, since usually there’s simply no time to format things as you look to manage information. For Android users, there are a bunch of event planning apps that make arranging your day and of course those big events even easier. Whether you are organizing a small family among friends, or a once in a lifetime bash, the apps work just the same – with many features that are there to take the pain out of planning.

8. Schedule Planner Classic (Free)

Schedule Planner Classic

Pocket Planner was a good minimalist app for organizing events, but since that one bit the dust I suppose the best places to start would be Schedule Planner Classic, by Digi117 ltd. Some event planner apps are concerned with all the details of the day, and bringing people together to collaborate and make things happen. Others are almost like your personal secretary as you get things done, and Schedule Planner Classic definitely falls into the latter category. It easily allows you to schedule your meetings, plot in dates to remember and a lot more. One stumbling block I’ve always found with task management apps is that it often takes too long to put in the details of the task; with this app, it can be done in mere seconds.  – Download from Google Play

7. PayPal Here (Free)

We’ll return to this below, but managing the guest list can be one of the most important things about an event. And this of course includes the whole ticket management and payment system. If you are selling tickets and merchandise at your event, for example, there’s nothing worse than running around trying to find change and dealing with a card reader from the stone age. This is why PayPal Here makes so much sense, and has been working to make such things as pop up shops a whole lot easier to manage. – Download from Google Play

6. Eventbrite (Free)

As I alluded to previously, event planning apps on the Android can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Many of them are concerned chiefly with one thing, which is the case with Eventbrite: an app that aims to speed up the ticketing process. Many of those who have experienced organizing some kind of event that calls for the printing, allocation and collection of tickets will know how complicated and difficult this can be. Well, Eventbrite removes the paper so as to make the process simpler: you integrate the app with your mobile devices so that you don’t have to carry a guest list around with you. The app can then work as a scanner to check people as they come in the door, which will make the whole process a lot easier on both you and your guests. – Download from Google Play

5. Bizzabo (Free)

Bizzabo is one of those event planning apps that focuses on the social side of things, and why not? Most public events organized these days are won and lost on social media, and the simple creation of a Facebook page for said event can give you an excellent if rather crude insight into the kind of audience you can expect to show up. I say this, because as we all know, most Facebook users simply click “attend” on everything just to appease friends and make it look as though they have a social life! Anyhow, Bizzabo is great at juggling multiple events, and presents an excellent way to really network with your audience. It can be synced to different social platfoms so to ensure that your event is known about in every social channel.  – Download from Google Play


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