Top 8 | Essential Apps for Apple Watch

There are many iOS apps at this point that have been updated to work with Apple’s new wearable device, the Apple Watch, but which of these are absolute must have options. We know the feeling: you invest in a new device and immediately head online to find out which are the essential apps you should grab right away – preferably free options – that no user could conceivably do without and which are designed to make your life a lot easier. These apps can of course come in a huge range of different kinds and categories, including messaging apps, utility apps, productivity apps, and a whole lot more. But the main thing about the Apple Watch is of course convenience, bringing the functionality that we’ve become spoiled with on the iPhone to your wrist. Many of these Apple Watch apps are limited in functionality when compared to the iPhone version of the app, and simply look to extend one or two features from the iPhone to your wrist, but others take things slightly further.

4. PCalc ($9.99)


It’s still baffling that Apple neglected to include their own calculator as part of the Apple Watch, especially given the popularity of retro watches like those produced by Casio at the moment. Thankfully, there are a bunch of useful calculator apps on the iPhone and one of these developers (responsible for one of the best calculator apps, too) is there to rescue us in such a situation. PCalc boasts an excellent inferface, and a whole truckload of useful features such as the ability to quickly check how much tip you should be paying in a restaurant, as well as how much you should be paying when splitting a bill. All your common calculations can be set up and then accessed through the app. The price is something that will turn some users away, we’re sure, but this does include both iPhone/iPad and Apple Watch versions. – Download from iTunes

3. Lifesum (Free)


There are quite a few fitness and health tracking apps out there for the iPhone that have been updated and extended to work with the Apple Watch, and one of the best of these is Lifesum. It’s an app that allows you to set goals for losing and gaining weight, providing you with a wealth of info on the above. – Download from iTunes

2. Runtastic (Free)


Thanks to watchOS 2, Runtastic will now allow you to access your heart rate data as well as your run data from the convenience of your wrist, which is excellent news for those that don’t want to take their iPhone along with them when out running. Runtastic is far and away the best app for frequent runners available for the Apple Watch at present, but that annoyance of having to take your phone with you was a huge drawback. At least now you aren’t hampered by this, that is unless you want to take advantage of the GPS tracking feature. – Download from iTunes

1. Citymapper (Free)


Of the admittedly few turn by turn navigation apps currently available for the Apple Watch, Citymapper has quickly risen among the ranks to become a crowd favorite and has even been endorsed by Apple. The main drawback with this one is the fact that you really need to be living in one of its supported cities to truly take advantage of what Citymapper has to offer. If you’re in Paris, New York or London for example then it’s absolutely one of the essential Apple Watch apps to grab upon unboxing your new device. The emphasis here on public transport is great if you’re the kind of person who likes to take the bus or the train around the city – who drives in a place like New York, anyway? – and the app is a great way to check out clear and concise information. With watchOS 2, you can use Complications to put turn by turn directions on your watch face, which certainly makes following them a lot easier, that’s for sure! – Download from iTunes


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