Top 8 | Essential Apps for Apple Watch

There are many iOS apps at this point that have been updated to work with Apple’s new wearable device, the Apple Watch, but which of these are absolute must have options. We know the feeling: you invest in a new device and immediately head online to find out which are the essential apps you should grab right away – preferably free options – that no user could conceivably do without and which are designed to make your life a lot easier. These apps can of course come in a huge range of different kinds and categories, including messaging apps, utility apps, productivity apps, and a whole lot more. But the main thing about the Apple Watch is of course convenience, bringing the functionality that we’ve become spoiled with on the iPhone to your wrist. Many of these Apple Watch apps are limited in functionality when compared to the iPhone version of the app, and simply look to extend one or two features from the iPhone to your wrist, but others take things slightly further.

8. Shazam (Free)

Top 8 | Music Apps for Apple Watch

Shazam is one of those apps that presents a very simple function, but remains one I really can’t live without. Upon purchasing a new smartphone or tablet, it’s always among the apps I first grab and install, because you don’t want to find yourself in a position where you’re listening to a song and can’t immediately find out the artist and title, right? Shazam is the best way to find out this kind of info at the tap of a button, whether you’re listening to the radio, watching a film, or there’s a song on while you’re doing the grocery shopping that you really like. Often, I’ll let Shazam listen to something, find out the artist and then pass this info to Evernote and add it to a list of music I want to grab next time I log into iTunes. It’s that simple, and with the Apple Watch version of Shazam you don’t even need your iPhone and can do things directly from your wrist. – Download from iTunes

7. 1Password (Free)


The 1Password app is one of many excellent password manage apps that aim to secure your personal info behind a single authentication login. This is great if you’re like most of us here in the Top8 offices and forget your login info on a daily basis. With 1Password, as the name suggests, you simply set up a single password and then use this each time when accessing things such as your files, or your social media streams. The app is free to download and use, but we should note that in order to use it with your Apple Watch you will need to invest in the pro features first. – Download from iTunes

6. iTranslate (Free)

iTranslate is another very useful Apple Watch app to have, allowing you to easily record words using the Apple Watch microphone and then translate them with the tap of a button. The app supports over 90 languages at present, and is one of those that we would definitely recommend downloading and installing before going off on your travels to a land where the primary language is not English. Google Translate may be slightly better, but this is the best option on the Watch right now. – Download from iTunes

5. App in the Air (Free)


There has been something of a scramble among flight companies to develop an app that works with the Apple Watch, and I’m really not quite sure why. I mean, I get why you would want to provide an official app for your frequent fliers to take advantage of, but it doesn’t strike me as something that particularly lends itself to the Apple Watch – nor is it something that users are really crying out for. The main disadvantage with such apps is that they can be limited, and if you travel on separate airlines then you need a separate app. That is, if you don’t download something like App in the Air which is by far the best universal “personal flying assistant” app you will find on iOS devices and now on the Apple Watch. It provides you with a wealth of useful info including a progress bar for your journey, and immediate notifications should your flight get delayed. – Download from iTunes


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