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As a young parent, I’ve often wondered about the right age to introduce your kids to technology. Then, as my daughter got older, I realized that it’s really not up to us at all! Technology pervades most things we do in the world these days, from withdrawing cash to buying groceries. There’s simply no way around it, and no way that your kid is not going to get exposed to it from a very young age. The same goes for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets: they are by definition very interactive, and with bright screens that most kids will always want to get their hands on. Often, I see kids in a restaurant crowding around a device that has been handed to them by a sympathetic adult, and wonder if the adults know what the kids are playing! Fortunately, there are a range of nice games available for the iPhone that are also educational. We take a look at some of these below, that I should note are more aimed at younger kids around the 5 years old range rather than older kids.

8. Moose Math ($1.99)


Moose Math is a sweet little maths games that covers a huge range of different skills that kids will be typically learning in maths class between the ages of 3 and 8. These obviously include counting, addition, subtraction, and sorting numbers. There are cute characters involved to keep things interactive and alluring for kids, though I’ve noted that some older kids may find this quite pandering. Still, the games are a lot of fun and kids will have a blast working through the various puzzles and earning rewards as they go. A great way for elementary school age kids to learn about the basic skills of maths, or to accompany what they are already learning in the classroom! – Download from iTunes

7. Dragon Shapes (Free)


Dragon Shapes is an app developed by Lighthouse Learning and also goes by the subname Geometry Challenge, which should show you everything you need to know about the app. Learning all about shapes is the perfect subject for an educational game like this, since the touch screen element can really be developed for all it’s worth! Whether you are focusing on early shape recognition and understnading of things like the amount of sides each shape has, or you are dealing with more complicated ideas of geometry, this app has is all. It challenges kids to solve basic shape-related puzzles and unlock the legend of the Shape Master over four different difficulty levels. – Download from iTunes

6. The Human Body ($3.99)

The Human Body is a very interesting place, and I remember spending time as a kid staring at anatomical sketches in wonder, absolutely sure that what I was seeing was definitely not inside my own body. This app from Tinybop is aimed at kids that are around the age of 5, and is a nice interactive way to teach them about the human body and its basic features. There are different games to play and things to discover, and while the game is perhaps best played on a tablet like the iPad it is also available on the iPhone for those who don’t own both! – Download from iTunes

5. Endless Alphabet ($6.99)

Endless Alphabet is aimed at younger children, though I’d say anywhere between 2 and 5 would be a good place to start. The app has a monster theme, like others in the series: your child picks a word and then the letters appear scrambled on the screen – they then have to rearrange these letters to spell the world, by dragging them across the screen. Once the word has been spelled, you then get the definition of it and the word spoken out so that kids can learn its pronunciation. Kids will have no problem grabbing the letters and putting them in place, but the idea behind the app is a powerful one that teaches by way of repetition and association – an excellent way to learn how words are spelled! – Download from iTunes


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