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Few pieces of technology have expanded the possibilities when it comes to education than the modern day tablet, with its easy-to-use swiping gestures and larger screen. Even before the first iPad hit the streets, there were institutions experimenting with tablets as a means to engage young children in learning, and these methods have only been honed over time. Many private schools will now issue their pupils with a tablet at the beginning of term and send all homework to the child directly, meaning less books to carry around, less time wasted in writing down instructions and a young adult that is well versed in mobile technology and has been from a very young age. Because this is really what makes the use of tablets among school kids such an organic process: the fact that they pick things up so quickly, and the way an iPad is designed only facilitates this. While it doesn’t make much sense to look at a Top 8 educational games without a specific age group in mind, there are one or two apps we wanted to share and here they are.

8. PlayKids (Free)

Let’s start with one of the more general educational games for children on the iPad: PlayKids, which is basically the whole package. It has early learning books, preschool shows and a whole lot more, designed specifically for toddlers. It is also one of the few educational games we came across for the iPad that also functions with the Apple Watch, so that’s something worth taking into account if you’re looking at downloading this one. – Download from iTunes

7. Who’s in the Mountains? (Free)


Who’s in the Mountains? is an iOS game that focuses on the younger generation, introducing small children to domestic and farmyard animals: their names, the noises they make and some other things such as counting them. There isn’t too much here to play with, but the age range is such that your child won’t get bored. There are three mini games in all, including “Animal Puzzle”, “Feeding Time” and “Count Us!” each of which are designed to help your toddler pick up different things. The UI is also specifically designed for the younger kids, which makes it easier for them to pick up. The best thing about this app however is the way it looks, with original hand drawn graphics that make this one of the best looking educational games for toddlers on the platform at present. – Download from iTunes

6. Autimo (Free)


Autimo is an educational game with a very specific focus: that being to help autistic children learn to read facial expressions. It’s one of the most difficult things for those suffering from autism, so it’s great to find an app that looks to address such an issue. The app runs through different emotions that your child must igure out, including happy, sad, surprised, angry, sick, afraid – there is also a nice little area for adults that lets you actively customize the animations, sounds and pictures seen in the app, though this ability is unlocked in the full version alone. – Download from iTunes

5. Geography Drive USA ($2.99)

Geography Drive USA falls in line with other apps that look to teach your kid about this great country: with Stack the States it becomes a puzzle game to learn about states and state capitals, here it is placed in the context of a road trip through each state that kids are invited to answer questions on and are prompted to do so by audio instructions. Such questions may take the form of simple location work, such as “Where’s Chicago?” or “What is the capital of Arizona?” These questions are mainly quite simple, and there are over 500 of them so the chances are you won’t see the same one twice. The good thing about this is that they are delivered in multiple choice format, meaning that kids are given more of a chance! – Download from iTunes


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