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We all know about specifically designed eBook reader devices like the Kindle, but the Apple is really just as good when it comes to collecting and reading books. The screen is a little bigger for starters, and the iPad obviously boasts a lot more functionality than the Kindle. If you don’t have an iPad and want a dedicated device just for books, I’d probably recommend taking a look at the Kindle but if you already have an iPad, there’s really no need. All you need to do is check out this countdown list of the best eBook apps currently available for the iPad, and then pick one to suit you. The iPad does already have a built in app to read books with but the functions are limited. And if you are an iPad user who would much rather get access to the Kindle library by Amazon or Google’s Play Books, then there are even iOS apps for that!

8. iBooks (Free)


This seems like the most logical place to start, since iBooks (Apple’s native eBook app for iOS devices) is decent enough in what it sets out to do: providing iPad users with a range of books to download and read on their system. In fact, this is perhaps the reason that iBooks has become so successful: the fact that it comes pre-installed on the iPad, and many users are simply happy with the features that it provides rather than seeking out others. We’re here to tell you to look at the alternatives, however! Since there are so many great eBook apps out there that will provide you with a much more comprehensive reading experience! – Download from iTunes

7. Bluefire Reader (Free)

Bluefire Reader was one of the first dedicated eBook reading apps that I came across for the iPad, and it has really gone from strength to strength ever since. The user interface is simple but importantly not cluttered – I’ve seen reviews of this app that point out with surprise a lack of interface features surrounding the text when reading, and all I can say to that is, what? Who wants the distraction of different features when reading text? Bluefire Reader offers a great deal of customization than other similar apps, allowing you to seamlessly flick between different fonts for your page and also select different page transitions which is a lot of fun. – Download from iTunes

6. Kobo (Free)


I love the idea behind Kobo, and love it with a passion! The idea of providing users with a reading platform that is social rather than solitary is a noble one – I just think that the app could have been developed more intelligently, or at least needs some time to reach its potential. The basic idea behind Kobo for those unaware is that it is an eBook app where you can download and read titles, but the apps hows you other readers’ input – including notes and highlights. You can see buzz about a specific book, or what other users are saying about it. And there are rewards for finishing books, which is great! – Download from iTunes

5. Marvin ($3.99)


It’s unusual to charge so much for an eBook app, but I’d happily go ahead and state that Marvin is worth the $3.99 price from the iTunes Store. Marvin has just about anything you could ever want when it comes to this kind of app – the only letdown is that it works exclusively with digital rights management free eBooks, or those that do not have copyright. Perfect for those who are into reading older books, but not for those who like the latest releases! – Download from iTunes


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