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For those that spent a lot of money acquiring an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus early on, they may been somewhat dismayed to find that Apple had decided not – at least for the moment – to release an official dock with the product. This may change in the near future, but that hasn’t stopped third party developers of stands and charging stations of taking advantage and coming up with their own products that fit the record breaking smartphone. Here we take a look at a bunch of different options if you are an iPhone 6 user, or even if you aren’t! If you have many different device, including both smartphones and tablets to charge up, a stand may not be the option. A larger charging station or some kind of USB hub is usually, in this case, the route to take. Either way, whatever you require for your charging needs, we take a look at some of the best charging stations and docks out their for the current generation of smartphones, tablets and of course phablets. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, and feel free to suggest your own favorites!

8. Bamboo Universal Charging Station ($35.95)


You might be surprised to find that there are many different wooden charging stations like this one by MobileVision available on Amazon: those that are designed to blend into the surroundings of your home in the most organic way possible, but also support many different devices, often at once. There are also leather options available if you don’t like wood, and this is really the perfect pick for those who have multiple devices and often want to charge them all at once! – Buy from Amazon

7. Anker 5-Port Charger ($13.99)

Anker 5-Port Charger

Anker have quickly become one of the go to names when it comes to smartphone charging. We recently reviewed their portable charger, which holds a ridiculous amount of hours and has been picked out by a bunch of other tech sites around the web as being the go to product if you want something that you can really rely on for an emergency charging platform when out and about, or perhaps driving with your iPhone. They also provide some excellent desktop chargers too, including this 5 port charging station which is great it you want something simply but with a lot of capacity. Anker also offers the ability for you to organize your devices by removing the charging pins and placing them as you wish. – Buy from Amazon

6. Photive 6-Port Charger ($24.95)

Photive 6-Port Charger

Another nice multi port charger is this one offered by Photive, which again stacks the USB ports on top of one another vertically rather than laying them out horizontally. It is perfect for the desktop and is an excellent space saver when it comes to charging multiple devices through your laptop or your wall sockets, and has the latest autodetecting technology to make sure each device is charged properly. – Buy from Amazon

5. Poweradd 6-Port Charger ($29.99)

Poweradd 6-Port Charger

Yet another excellent multiple USB desktop charger for smartphones and tablets, and another that sacrifices looks in favor of simplicity and functionality, is this one from Poweradd. It offers 6 slots for your Android or iOS devices, whether they be smartphones or tablets, and is durable enough to be carried around should you need to take it with you – perhaps when traveling. It’s quite expensive for what is essentially just a multi plug USB charger, but is great if you have multiple devices and need something that is simple but works well. – Buy from Amazon


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