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It’s kind of crazy how popular casual games such as Candy Crush and Angry Birds have become, and part of that is due to them tapping into a whole new gaming market. In the past, console and handheld gaming – or at least the developers of it – had pretty much resigned themselves to a few select areas of the market, ranging from kids to teens to thirty-somethings who still played games. With the advent of the smartphone and later the tablet, however, came an entirely new area of the market to explore and of course to profit from. Who knew that fifty-year-old businessmen would be so into playing number games on their way to work? How about the forty-something housewife and her brain-training games? The results are something that the gaming industry almost stumbled into, and there has been something of a free-for-all ever since, with a new company worming its way out of the woodwork just about every day. But what does the development of wearable tech mean for these casual games? Will the Apple Watch open up new doors and new market avenues for the gaming industry as we know it? Our guess is no, but it will be interesting to see how gaming on the Apple Watch takes off. Here we take a look at your early options!

8. Lifeline… ($2.99)

I suppose I should really start by mentioning the presence of different gaming categories on the Apple Watch so far, since there is a large amount of simple number and letter puzzle games, wherease other genres are of course less present – limited as they are by the capabilities of the device itself. Lifeline I suppose is one of the games that falls outside the general puzzle genre. It’s more of a text based adventure, in a way similar to the games of old on platforms like the Amiga that were also limited to the restraints of their hardware. Here, you have to help a stranded astronaut, with the game putting you in control of the story as you choose the various outcomes in order to help the protagonist to safety. Given the fascinating prospect of exchanging messages from the device on your wrist, Lifeline is actually one game that benefits from being played on the Watch rather than the iPhone or iPad. – Download from iTunes

7. Peak (Free)


Brain training games promse to be a popular genre on the Apple Watch, and one that has hit the ground running is Peak, which asseses your attention and visual memory in 30 second chunks, It’s one of those games that you can pick up and play no matter where you are and what you are doing, and now the whole process of playing just became easier with at a glance wrist access on the Apple Watch. Peak is also one of those games that already has a sizeable following on iOS devices such as the iPhone and the iPad, which is something they are no doubt hoping will translate well to wearable playing. – Download from iTunes

6. Spy_Watch ($1.99)

Another nice text based effort (see Lifeline above) is Spy_Watch, which looks to bring the ultimate level of action espionage to your wrist in this spy thriller. Here, instead of controlling the story through text based updates, you instead use your watch to receive updates from your fellow special agent throughout the day. The gameplay here is very simple, but again, it benefits from the platform and has a nice upgrade system to keep things interesting – plus, the interface is very slick and really gives you the feeling that you are receiving actual spy updates on your Watch. – Download from iTunes

5. Letterpad (Free)

As I mentioned earlier, number and word games have taken off on the Apple Watch, to absolutely no one’s surprise. Most of these tend to take the form of a brain training type exercise, but Letterpad is slightly different. The developers behind this one, NimbleBit, are responsible for a bunch of nice mobile games in recent years and this one looks to be continuing the theme. With this word game, you have a grid of nine letters that you much search for words that relate to a specific topic. If you’ve already played this one on the iPhone, you should have no trouble diving into the Apple Watch, version, too. – Download from iTunes


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