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Given the popularity of online gambling these days and the fact that there is a betting shop opening up in just about every area of my town, it is perhaps only natural that this should make its way onto mobile devices and the Apple iTunes Store. For those who wish to spin a few wheels of roulette or play a few hands of poker from the convenience of their iPhone, there are plenty of casino games out there to choose from. Most popular however appear to be the slots games that you can currently find on the app store. There are so many of them, often with the same engine and by the very same developer but with a different skin or slightly different features. I’ve also noticed one or two slots games that seem to have been released to coincide with a new blockbuster movie, which is a little worrying. Anyhow, we downloaded enough of these to justify an entire lifetime of gambling, and tested them out for you – along with all the other casino games out there. Here are our favorites!

8. House of Fun (Free)

These casino games seem to be generally divided in to those that are multi purpose casino apps featuring games like Poker and Blackjack to slots games that feature a bunch of different options. House of Fun falls firmly into the second category, and boasts perhaps the largest selection of slots games out there at present. There are a bunch of daily bonuses to encourage new players to joing and existing players to keep on coming back, and this app is perhaps a standout option for slots fans in that it features a cool, old style Vegas aesthetic that will prove to be nostalgic for some. So yeah, if you like your slots games and are a fan of variety, download and check out House of Fun today! – Download from iTunes

7. GSN Casino (Free)

GSN Casino is one of these casino apps on the iPhone that look to feature as much as they can, stuffing in all kinds of casino-related games such as slots, bingo, poker and blackjack. The difference between this app and others of its ilk is that the developers behind it are definitely looking to play upon the pop culture behind Vegas style gambling. On top of the generic casino games mentioned above, there are also some efforts to incorporate game shows into the mix, such as Deal or No Deal and Wheel of Fortune. There are also some cool themed slots to play with, if that’s your thing. GSN Casino is a great game for those who are new to the idea of playing casino games on their mobile and want to have some fun, but are perhaps not aimed at your more seasoned casino pros. – Download from iTunes

6. myVEGAS Slots (Free)

I think the part of myVegas that makes it stand out when compared to the other slots games out there is its real prizes. You can win free rewards for playing the game, such as resort packages from Belagio and MGM Grand, which will be a huge draw for those who are into casino games and gambling. Rather than a slots game, this one offers a full Vegas experience and even gives you the chance to win the real thing! – Download from iTunes

5. DoubleDown Casino (Free)

DoubleDown Casino may sound like a generic casino games with a bunch of options and features included, but it’s really just a slots game with a few other games to pick from. Like myVegas, you can win daily prizes here which seems to be the reason that many people keep coming back. You can also win promo codes which can be redeemed, and are perhaps preferable to the promise of physical prizes. You can play friends onlien with ease and there are even online tournaments in which to test your skill! – Download from iTunes


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