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It’s been a big talking point in the news this week, but one thing that perhaps even Apple wasn’t expecting in the wake of the launch of their new wearable device was the interest in accessories. Customizable bands are proving one of Apple’s most lucractive prospects at the moment, with the official options costing between $49 and $449 from the Apple Store. But bands aren’t all that people are interested in when it comes to the Apple Watch. The first thing that most people buy after investing in a new iPhone is of course a protective case, so as to ease impact should you drop your device. Now, while the Apple Watch is firmly attached to your wrist at all times, we’ve noticed that it does tend to bump and scrape on things quite often. Perhaps that’s just us being clumsy, but if you’ve just invested hundreds in your new wearable device then you’re going to want one of these protective cases for Apple Watch.

8. JETech Protective Case ($5.99)


Already, there is something of a thriving market on sites like eBay and Amazon for Apple Watch cases that are simple and cheap and just do a job protecting your asses. Many of these are mass produced versions of the same design, but a few are tailor made efforts from big time accessory makers. I suppose we should kick off this list by picking out the cheap and cheerful option, and I’d say that you can’t really go wrong with this one from JETech. Now, JETech is a brand we recently featured for their Apple Watch stand so clearly this is a company involved in a line of nice accessories for the Apple Watch. You can get this case in a range of colors and it will only set you back a few bucks, which is ideal if you just spent all your hard earned dollars on an Apple Watch! – Buy from Amazon

7. Orzly 5-in-1 FunColor Face Plates ($9.99)


One cool thing about these kind of mass produced, slim fitting, molded cases is that you can manufacture them and as such purchase them at a lower cost. We’ve all seen those packs of iPhone cases that offer a range of different colors – one for each day of the week – so it was only a matter of time before the same kind of thing became available for the iPhone. For those with a 42mm version of the Apple Watch, you can grab this Orzly 5 in 1 pack of silicon gel covers for just $9.99, giving you a handful of colorful and flexible skin covers to choose from. This is an ideal option for those who can never decide on which kind of case they want and will often change it up, and for those looking for something cheap and basic. – Buy from Amazon

6. Monoy Slim Case ($8.99)


Another fairly cheap option behind the JETech one mentioned above is the range provided by Monoy, which have a few different designs including an ultra thin and a regular slim option. Most of these cases are fairly basic and provide a few different transparent colors to pick from. Again, it’s a simple option and not one that is going to redefine and take your device to a whole new level in terms of protection and also style, but it’s a nice pick for those who are perhaps strapped for cash and not willing to shell out another $30 for an already expensive device. – Buy from Amazon

5. i-Blason TPU Cases ($13.98)

i-Blason TPU

We metioned the Orzly 5 pack above, but another manufacturer that is looking to get in on the same action is i-Blason. Their 5 color combo pack is a little more expensive at $14 at the time of writing, but is great for those who want a chose of different covers for their Apple Watch. Again, the covers are basic and don’t offer the most comprehensive protection, but do the job well and are perfect if you’re looking for something colorful and are perhaps often losing your cases so could do with a few backups! – Buy from Amazon


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