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Card games are hugely popular among those that like trading and collecting, but how do you possibly translate such physical things to a mobile game? Well, it turns out that you can do so with ease! There are a huge variety of card games available for the iOS platform at present, though most of these (including the popular Magic: The Gathering series) is confined to the iPad due to its larger screen. This is also the case with board games, which seem to go hand in hand with card games and attract much of the same audience. There are however some card games out there including a few by big name developers that are also available on the iPhone as well as the iPad and even the iPod Touch. We grabbed a few of these recently and ran through them to come up with a definitive Top 8. We are however in no way card game aficionados, so why not take to the comments section below and suggest some others for us to try out?

8. Nightfall ($2.99)

My playing time on this one was limited but I definitely liked what I saw! One of the more violent CCGs out there and has a certain style that we’ve not seen before. – Download from iTunes

7. Star Realms (Free)

Star Realms takes the classic trading card fantasy ideas and applies them to a landscape that is interstellar, with a premise featuring two space empires that are in the midst of clashing. As a deck building card game, this is rather lean in comparison to others, giving you a small group of scout ships and fighters to start with and then allowing you to race to draft different powerful cards that represent things such as warships and the like. It means that you’ve got to be quick out of the gate, and that the game can be somewhat unforgiving if you’re new to it or slow in general when making your moves. I like the deck building mechanics, and the rules are fairly easy to pick up if you’re been around card games in the past. There is a basic campaign and skirmish mode for free, though you have to unlock multiplayer and more campaigns with in app purchases. – Download from iTunes

6. Shadow Era (Free)


Shadow Era is living proof that digital card games can be just as fun as their physical parents! This one is very similar to the Magic: The Gathering games we’ve seen in the past in terms of format, which will make it instantly accessible and playable for all those who have a minimal knowledge of the genre. Yet, there are small changes and details that are different – certainly enough to set this one apart somewhat and ensure that it is its own game. With Shadow Era, you start by picking a hero card to play as with unique abilities, and then pick your deck based around this one. Different cards will be available depending on the hero card you choose (wizards will get more spell based cards, for example) so think long and hard about the approach you want to take before selecting. – Download from iTunes

5. SolForge (Free)


SolForge is yet another card game produced by the great developer Stone Blade Entertainment, who are by now beginning to make a name for themselves in the market. They are the same group behind the physical version of Ascension, though SolForge is something of departure from your traditional card game format. Here, you attack in order to bring your opponent’s health down just like in any other card game, the difference beind that you can deploy your creatures to attack or block in different lanes. There is also a leveling mechanic that allows you to improve your different units not just after each battle but actively during the game! It’s easy enough to learn but difficult to master, and the slight tweaks to the traditional rule set will be a welcome breath of fresh air for seasoned digital card game players! – Download from iTunes


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