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If there’s one thing that a mobile device is good for these days, it’s managing your life, and there are many different companies and developers out there that have looked to take advantage of this particular niche in the app market. The iPad does come with its own built-in software for managing your days and weeks, either in your personal life or professional life, but there are many other useful functionalities that have been introduced through other apps which – I’ll be honest – I don’t know where I’d be without these days. As with many of these kind of categories for apps, the calendar apps market on iTunes is really headed up by a couple of different apps that represent most of the users out there, but with the likes of Google weighing in with their own app, things are certainly changing for the better. We recently put a few of these iPad calendar apps through the ringer, coming up with our own Top 8 favorites – here they are!

8. iCalendar ($2.99)


We’ll start with iCalendar, a beautiful but simple calendar apps for the iPad that allows you to easily track and manage your schedule through its user of pretty color coding. There are preset colors as you can see in the screenshot above but you can also create your own. This one might lack the depth of some other third party calendar apps that we’ll mention below, but it’s useful enough and notable for its visual prowess. – Download from iTunes

7. Cal (Free)


Cal from Any.Do has a great deal of interactivity, and is great in that you can actively mark tasks as done through the app and have it sync with other shared apps so as to update this informatino across the board. One thing that some calendar apps don’t boast is the ability to contact people through the app, which is something you can do through Cal. This is great for those moments when you’re browsing your calendar and need to talk to someone about organizing something – perhaps a work event – then have to contact them right away when and as you remember, without having to go through the process of exiting the app and finding them in your contact list, or whatever. – Download from iTunes

6. Calvetica Calendar ($2.99)

The big thing among productivity apps these days is the ability to bring everything together in one place and under the roof of a single app, removing the relatively arduous process of switching between apps in order to get certain things done. Now, many users many still be into the whole switching between preferred apps thing, but most developers – certainly those of productivity apps – would rather you stay put and not change the channel, so to speak. We’ve seen this in the rush of inbox management apps recently that allow you to pull together all different email sources and messages in one place, and you can also see the same thing among calendar apps. Calvetica calendar is one of those that imports any existing calendars that you may have on your iPad and on third party apps like Calendars 2. The best thing about this app however is the custom nature of its views, allowing you to toggle between a lot of different interfaces so as to find one that suits you. – Download from iTunes

5. Calendate ($2.99)


If there were an award for the most stylish or best looking calendar app out there these days on the iPhone or iPad, then Calendate would probably win that contest hands down. While the likes of Fantastical and Calendars are very efficient apps, they are somewhat lacking on the aesthetic side – only the introduction of Sunrise showed us that calendar apps don’t always need to look like boring work spreadsheets, and that’s definitely the idea that Calendate runs with. The functionality is fairly simple, but the personalization side of things will really draw users in – finally, we have a calendar app that is both useful and easy on the eye! – Download from iTunes


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