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More and more these days, tablets are becoming important tools in both the workplace and the classroom: the larger screen makes it the perfect tool for presentations and the analyzing of data in the office, and of course helps kids to learn – especially since every child these days seems to pick up using an iPad in mere minutes! In this list we will take a look at the former of these two categories, with a focus on apps that are designed to be used in the world of business. These will range from those that help you be more productive in the office or at home to those that are specifically made for small business owners, perhaps taking the headache out of monitoring sales in a shop. The term business apps is really a very vague and wide ranging one, which is why this list promises to be quite eclectic. Any app can be looked at as a business app if it relates to the business in question, which is why we try to cover everything from team working apps to business-related social media apps such as LinkedIn. We can’t cover everything, however, so feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section!

8. GoToMeeting (Free)

While I would typically use something like Skype or Hangouts when it comes to business video conferencing, there are one or two apps out there that support video calls but are designed for business users. One of these is GoToMeeting, which is a solid alternative to these big name video chatting apps and with some key features that really help out those that are using this for work related things at home and in the office. One thing it does is allow you to invite up to 25 attendees to join remotely from just about any device connected to the web, with a built in invite system that makes the entire process easier. Then, it also has a nice feature that helps you identify who is talking each time, which can be very useful. There is the option to share your screen with others in the meeting, too, which is great for presentations. – Download from iTunes

7. ShopKeep Pocket (Free)

We mentioned above that there will be a few business apps on this list that are made to appeal to retail business owners, and  one of those is ShopKeep Pocket. This app is to be used with the ShopKeep iPad Register and basically turns your iPad into a complicated and feature rich cash register (the stand holds it in place) with which you can browse items and check out stats, such as the amount of transactions received each day, the money you are making and the items that are being shifted. It also allows you to create reports, which is a great way to manage your growth. – Download from iTunes

6. Box (Free)

There are quite a few different ways to share your documents and files to the Cloud these days. Dropbox seems to be the crowd favorite but we here at Top 8 are big fans of Box, which gives you 10Gb of free data and is absolutely full of excellent tools and features that will appeal to business users. There is also an emphasis here on security, which is another important feature – especially when you are typically dealing with sensitive documents. – Download from iTunes

5. Square Register (Free)

One of the bigger headaches that small business owners face when dealing with live transactions is setting up some kind of register that takes credit card payments. The exchange of cash is easy enough, but taking credit cards (and who doesn’t, these days?) requires all kinds of expensive equipment. Fortunately, there are a few enterprising developers who have seen how much of a hurdle this is for small business owners and have looked to combat the problem. Square Register is one of these apps: a mobile payment app that allows you to process payments using your iPad. Simply request their credit card reader in the mail, plug it into your headphone jack, download the app and off you go! – Download from iTunes


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