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In this time of financial constraints and austerity measures, there is one breed of app that has ballooned in number so that its category now represents a good chunk of the Play Store. That is of course the finance management or budgeting apps, which are numerous and attractive but do they work? The only really way that you can tell if one of these budgeting apps works for you as an Android user is to download it and try, and even then you might not be getting the most out of the app without paying for some premium service. This is why we are here: to try all these apps so that you don’t have to. And there are so many finance apps out there right now that it can be somewhat overwhelming when it comes to choosing the one that suits you. What’s more, people often don’t have the time to sit down and try each one for a week or so in order to find out. So, which budgeting apps are worth your time and which are best to ignore?

4. Wally+ (Free)

Then there is Wally+, which is one of the more simple budgeting apps for Android but one that does what it does very well indeed. The main plus point here is the design and the interface which is gorgeous and very easy to navigate even for first time users. The app tracks your income and expenses, giving you an easy way to set up a savings plan. It’s also one of the more intuitive budgeting apps out there, meaning that once you’ve spent the time setting things up then Wally+ will deal with most things by itself. You don’t have to spend much time meticulously logging things here, which is a big plus. – Download from Google Play

3. Goodbudget (Free)


Goodbudget used to be known as the Easy Envelope Budget Aid, though we’re glad that they decided to change the name to something a little more accessible. It’s a decent enough budget planning and finance management app that uses the Envelope system. That is, you categorize your budget items under different envelope categories which makes it easy to work out where you money is going. The app actively syncs your budget info across different platforms, meaning that it is always updated no matter what device you are using. – Download from Google Play

2. Mint (Free)


Mint remains most peoples’ finance app of choice for Android and iOS devices, and it’s really hard to argue otherwise. I won’t bother in this instance, and will simply say that this is the one app to grab if you’re looking to manage your finances easily and efficiently across different platforms. The Mint Personal Finance desktop apps is fantastic and allows you to sync things like bank accounts and credit cards so that not only can you log your purchases but also keep an eye on what your money is doing in real time. Alerts can be created to warn you if there is an upcoming bill to pay, and you can even customize these alerts to warn you if you are spending too much. – Download from Google Play

1. You Need a Budget (Free)


You Need a Budget has been around for some time, and actually started off as a PC tool for finances that since migrated to the Android. I had the fortune to discover this one back then, and have been using it as one of my chosen budgeting apps ever since. Having the Android app does make things a whole lot easier, I should note, since you can quickly manage your finances from tablet or smartphone from wherever you are, and everything is synced at all times, then sit down at your laptop in order to check on your budget in the evenings. This mobile app allows you to add your purchases when you are away, which can be a painstaking and time consuming process but really is essential if you’re to get a proper breakdown of your budget and manage things accordingly. – Download from Google Play


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