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Board games, like card games seem to be the kind that have been developed mostly exclusively for the iPad, which makes a huge amount of sense if you consider the nature of the games. Card games are slightly different, but with a board game the prevailing perspective will be one looking down on a large map that you must be able to browse around in order to work out your next moves. Of course, we’ve seen some mobile board games in the past that allow you to simply scroll in order to see everything, but what’s the use of a board game if you can’t see the whole board? With that firmly in mind, we decided recently to download some of the better iOS board games that were available on the iPhone as well as the iPad and test them out. Not only to see how good the games were, but to see how they dealt with the smaller screen. This Top 8 is the result of that, but by all means feel free to suggest your favorite examples in the comment section below and perhaps we’ll give you a shout out!

8. Le Havre ($4.99)

Let’s start off with something slightly less conventional. I’ve read of Le Havre or The Harbor that you need a few games of it in order to find that place, but I’d disagree in that it really hooked me in from the first moment. That said, it is a game that boasts something of a steep learning curve, and isn’t the kind of thing casual players will pick up and play – despite the graphics which perhaps suggest otherwise. Le Havre was developed by Euro, like Agricola (more on that later) and is basically a harbor management game where you collect resources and build structures. There is a huge amount of depth here, and after playing it for a week I still have so much to learn – it’s also very rewarding, despite a difficult learning curve initially. – Download from iTunes

7. Monopoly ($0.99)

Monopoly is I suppose one we had to include here just out of politeness, since it is perhaps the most recognized brand name board game out there. Full props to the likes of Hasbro for holding out and putting a distributor/developer like EA behind this one. The game looks excellent as a result and is a really polished version of the familiar Monopoly world, though the game does suffer slightly from the freemium ideas of preventing users from accessing certain features. – Download from iTunes

6. D&D Lords of Waterdeep ($6.99)


I imagine that Lord of Waterdeep manages to recruit most of its new downloaders and players through its association with the Dungeons and Dragons name alone, but really there is a whole lot more to it than that. While it may echo some of the games you may have encountered in the world of Dungeons and Dragons, Waterdeep goes its own route to create a fairly dry strategy game that has a marked emphasis on care and precision. For those who are looking for a fast paced board game with all kinds of fantastical creatures and elements, I’d suggest looking elsewhere because Waterdeep plods along when compared to other games of this nature. That’s not a bad thing by any means, and I often prefer it since you are afforded more time to carefully pick your next move. – Download from iTunes

5. Talisman ($6.99)


If you’re looking for an old fashion roll the dice and move your counter game, then Talisman is the one for you! This is about the best take on that kind of classic board game we’ve witnessed, and actually gives you the idea of a physical board that you can see and access through the app. That is opposed to similar apps that look to do away with the physical aspects – perhaps so as not to remind players that they really do have more perspective when presented with a large board! – Download from iTunes


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