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If there’s one Bluetooth device I’ve been using more than ever with my Android smartphone in recent months, it’s the portable speaker. There’s something about the summer that brings an with it an urge to carry music everywhere with me, either to listen to personally through headphones, or in the car, or to share with friends. And these days, the Bluetooth speakers that you can buy to work with your smartphone and tablet are so well made and robust that there’s no real risk involved taking a couple to the park, or even the beach. But, the Bluetooth speaker market is a crowded one right now with a bunch of great brands vying for success. We recently took a handful of speakers for a test run so as to find the best one to purchase for your Android device: those that are affordable, as well as those that represent some kind of investment; the infinitely portable, and of course those that sacrifice all of the above for audio quality and bass.

4. Jawbone Jambox ($54.99)

Jawbone Jambox

Jawbone have pretty much covered everything with their Jambox series of Bluetooth speakers, with a mini and a larger version also available. The regular one more than suits us, however, and remains one of the more rugged and comprehensive portable speakers on the market for Android users. It allows you to connect to mobile phones, computers, tablets and many other Bluetooth devices, meaning that you can easily share music, movies, games and calls at any time. There is around 10 hours of charge in its battery, which is more than enough for most users, and you can even update it with new apps and software using the Jawbone MyTalk portal. – Buy from Amazon

3. Bose SoundLink Color ($129.00)

Bose Soundlink

Bose have always played a key role in the advancement of audio technology, specifically if it’s portable, so it’s perhaps not surprise that they are at the forefront of Bluetooth speakers for mobile devices such as Android. The Bose SoundLink Color is so called because of the range of vibrant colors that it comes in, and the booming sound quality here is perhaps its best feature. It’s also one of the most robust Bluetooth speakers that we’ve come across, though the battery life might prove a sticking point since at just 8 hours it is a lot less than some rival products. – Buy from Amazon

2. UE Boom ($199.99)

Logitech UE Boom

The UE Boom is developed by Logitech, which is perhaps why it tends to beat all others when it comes to design. I’m not quite sure which of the manufacturers out there first came up with the cylindrical shape so as to deliver panoramic sound, but this is a Bluetooth speaker that really harnesses the concept. In terms of audio quality, there is a decent level of pop to this one and the battery life should last you about 15 hours per charge. There is a companion app that you can download for the Boom on your Android device, and then use it to set up equalizers or even pair it with other Boom speakers in the general vicinity – I think the wireless range here is about 50 feet.  – Buy from Amazon

1. Braven 805 ($199.99)

Braven 705

The Braven 805 is one of the most colorful Bluetooth speaker models out there these days, but unfortunately it’s also one of the mode expensive. At $200 on Amazon at the time of writing, it will cost you around twice the price of most similar models, but that’s not to say this extra cost isn’t worth it. The 805 is actually a stripped down version of the BRV-HD which will cost you another $100, but we’ve found that it still lives up to its more expensive cousin in many ways. One of the main differences being that the 805 isn’t water resistant, but that works to our advantage in the sense that its ports are readily accessible. There is a USB port for charging mobile devices using cables, which is great if you’re out for the day and want to share some of the speaker’s juice. While a sight bulkier than other portable speakers to make the list, the Braven 805 more than makes up for this with its excellent audio quality which reaches booming highs that you would normally associate with more expensive models.  – Buy from Amazon


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